Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ronald Reagan

Someone very wise once wrote that if we were all told one day that the end was coming; that we were living our last day, every road, every street & all the telephone lines would be jammed with people trying to reach someone to whom we wanted simply to say, “I love you.” – Ronald Reagan, January 27, 1978

My dad helped establish  Ron’s New York State campaign network; when dad died, in 1986, Ron sent mom a very nice letter of condolence and a plaque which now hangs on my library wall.  The plaque commemorated dad’;s service to the Nation – which is to say the effort and connection to making Ron President.

It is no secret, at least not among political insiders, that the law firm of Wohl, Lipton and Lowe was a rather connected and political important contact in the days before “J Street” and the modern nonsense.

I myself had a standing invitation to Camp David of the Eisenhower years – as a kid my entry was conditional on having something of value to say to Ike – who was the golf partner to Joe Wohl.  LOL Note how I phrased that to reflect the political reality of who made who.

Now we are looking at the demise of the system, the fall of America from its position of leadership.  At my age, I really don’t care.  America falls, and I should still have my house, wealth and my children will be a useless,  or fantastic, as they have decided to be.  Nothing will really change – it will just be a degree more annoying.

America is fulfilling Prophecy.

Do I believe in Prophecy?  NO!  Not really.  Even though I have written about it for over thirty five years, gained international recognition from that writing, and even have the Vatican requesting my works – even before they are published – so that they will be apprised of what is to come.

But what is to come is only an extension of observed behavior seen in terms of rational thought and applied to human nature.

We behave in cycles, everything does.  It is simply the nature of reality.  Those who can write prophecy are only writing about the nature of those cycles and how they are likely to interact.  As we get closer to the point of interaction it is easy to see the outcome evolving.  But most people prefer to close their eyes and blindly drive off the cliff of life.  That too is a common universal reality which helps prophecy work.

Ron screwed up.  He set a borrow and spend pattern off setting the realities of fiscal responsibility.  The Republicans who followed it denounced “Tax and Spend” as if it was wrong – but what they really are denouncing is the idea of work, earn, then spend.  The government must work – it must provide legislation and enforcement which benefits its citizens.  Then it must tax – which is how it earns the money it spends.  And finally it must not spend more than it earns in taxes, unless it is borrowing for capital expenditures which must be paid now, so the benefits can be gained over the long term … the idea behind a mortgage to but a house, or loans to start a business which will return far more in profits than the cost of the funds borrowed.

Modern Republicans believe in Borrow and Spend, live beyond your means and spend on things which have no long term benefit to anyone.  They believe in the most harm to the most people, with the greatest benefit to the least among the upper levels of the economic pyramid.

Unfortunately, their pyramid is constructed without a foundation and they consume its base, in order to raise the peak higher.  Thus the pyramid will fall.

The Evangelicals – if they actually read the bible, rather than utilize it as a source of income – would know that it predicted the fall.  Moreover, it declared the structure would fall upon them.

Enjoy, my friends.  Enjoy the destruction of the great experiment.  It worked and was improved upon by many nations.  They understood the biblical direction to help the poor – they also understood that the help was allowed to any who claimed access to it.  There are no WELFARE QUEENS or system gamers who don’t work but collect … there are just people doing what their nature demands and shortchanging themselves for a few pennies of gain … the same way the Republicans are using BORROW AND SPEND to shortchange themselves.

The Bible seems to decree that the system falls in January 2015 … the fall will be slow, but deliberate and, once it starts, unstoppable.  It is now November.  In sixty days we will have a feel for how suicidal the Republican party really is … the current rhetoric infers the answer is VERY.

There is still time for the powers that be to change their ways … we will know if they start defending Obama and begin to find ways to actually work with him – silencing the racist idiots.

But, history dictates that the idiots will prevail and that there will be a Jihadist War … a World War Three … that could have been prevented … but was encouraged through policies that systematically disarmed America.  Disarmament will not be weapons disarmament – but the destruction of all that is needed to support those who would utilize those weapons … there will be a corrosion of respect for the White House, for Science, for Reason, for Biblical respect for ones neighbor – there will be a continued effort to violate the Golden Rule … to treat ones neighbor, ones fellow countrymen and strangers in your land with disrespect … to treat them in a way the the Republican supporters would object to be treated if the situation was reversed.

Rationality, not religion, dictates that we respect those who are desirous of living among us.

January 2015, Babylon the great city falls.  Washington falls from its position of authority. The world will come to see the idiots and bigots for what they are, and shall bask in their downfall.  Let the fun begin.

Rule of Solomon – you have been made aware, so it is upon your head.


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