Thursday, June 20, 2019

Obama has killed Biden's chances.

Ok, BIDEN is a professional Washington politician and at it since 1972.  You would think, if he were eorthy, he'd have been endorsed the moment he annonced...But he's already a two time loser ... Three strikes is assured.

Eight years as Obama VP and Obama did NOT endorse him immediately... But is actually looking at everyone BUT uncle joe.

Joe is dead meat.  Obama knows it!  He knows Joe's secrets...And background...And knows it's crap! 
Of course the media loves the crabby feely Biden.  They love traditional predictable incompetent politicians -- makes for easy, lazy, coverage and lots of screw-ups.
Her $1.5 BILLION from China!  The laws JOE has supported that harm Americans...just the guy to replace Trump...a guy who will provide a factual basis for attacks, rather than the phishing speculations surrounding Trump.

Oh, did you notice Joe promised to cure cancer -- actually said he promised... But then, when Trump said they were going there, it suddenly became a Trump promise!?! 

Biased take news is fun... If America buys it, it will deserve what it gets.  If we want to get rid of Trump. TULSI GABBARD is the history making soldier,  COMBAT MAJOR, who deserves the job.  Draft Dodger Joe will get ua into a war...TULSI knows war and will avoid an unnecessary one, while winning any that prove necessary!

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