Friday, December 9, 2011

The Next American President

FROM THE ECONOMIST 8 Dec 2011 -- “YOU have to hand it to Newt Gingrich: … Judeo-Christian civilization, it seems, has morally disarmed itself in the face of the coming decades of "long war" with radical Islam. He promised to appoint the pugnacious John Bolton as secretary of state. No more Mr Nice Guy, appears to be the message Mr Gingrich intends to send the world. In short, he was in fine, confident, demagogic form. “

OK … War with Islam.  Nice bloody violent war … just the thing to make people feel all warm and cuddly.  And better still, he targets his words to the “Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, DC”.  OK…  Newt has identified the Jews who want a return to Nazi traditions.

He wants to draw out “Hitler’s Jews” – yep a book of that title does provide the details of the Jews who made the Holocaust and War possible.  Seems Newt feels there is a group of the in DC and they will help his budget busting political ambitions … help him bring death and bankruptcy to the Nation.  Only real question: Which would of these would this group prefer: death or bankruptcy?  Both are as far removed from Jewish morality and ethics as one could get … which explains them being Republicans.


If Newt has his way, it will be brought with the aid of those who, as a people, have suffered more harm than most people.  Of course, sixty years after their famed Exodus, one Pharaoh erected a stele declaring them Dead and their Seed no more … so there is also a record of them surprising even great pharaohs …

On thing, given that we twice elected Ronald Reagan & George Bush Jr… and the saying goes” Trouble in threes”… America may well deserve a third shot in the arm … would be nice to see unemployment reach records that exceed the Great Depression levels (in absolute numbers, rather than just percentages) … at a time when half the nation is over Sixty-five (rather than under eighteen).

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