Monday, August 19, 2013

Some Republicans get it!

seems there is an exodus of elected Republicans – sadly, not a mass exodus" … Congressional Republicans who have disavowed the RNC & Party stated:

“the House Republican leadership’s utter disdain for the United States Constitution, specifically the 4th Amendment, was on full display as they worked overtime to kill the Amash Amendment which would have gone a long way toward constraining the NSA to the boundaries of the Constitution and seriously curbed their ability to conduct mass surveillance of Americans.  Be it known that we cannot and will not support nor defend these actions.

“In the United States Senate, we see Republicans all too willing to pass unconstitutional bills related to subjects such as the Internet Sales Tax and Immigration. Whether through arrogance or ignorance, they fail to understand the simple fact any revenue generating legislation must originate in the House of Representatives.

“Additionally, the Senate Republicans continue to support undeclared wars, meet in secret and supply arms to our “terrorist enemies” who we vowed to destroy after 911, and then tell us they love our troops – so long as it’s our kids and not theirs who have to go fight.

“Lastly, all too many Senate Republicans are more than willing to pass new “feel good” gun control legislation that would do nothing to stop another Sandy Hook massacre, all the while restricting 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding American citizens. We cannot support nor defend these actions in good faith.”

Here in Maine they declared: “the Republican Party has lost its way and the donors know it.”

OF COURSE on the national level, those who wish to destroy America are still going strong.  The Republican Party is the Anti-freedom, pro-murder party it has always been.  It was that way when it pushed Prohibition, pushed the Vietnam “WAR” (which was never a Constitutionally legal war – Congress MUST DECLARE a war against a defined enemy, or it is not legal… Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are also illegal Republican ‘wars’, or should we be honest and call them “MURDER FESTIVALS” …)

The anti-Abortion policies are the same murder festival agenda:  No abortion after 22 weeks, even if the fetus has no brain and is therefore legally dead, or will certainly kill the mother (and itself) if there is an attempt to carry it to term.  OH YES! and make sure that this dead fetus and its mother are denied medical coverage … so if she does survive she & her partner need to pay enormous medical bills, and if she dies, her partner will be both grieving and saddled with the enormous cost – a cost which could have been avoided, and saved her life, if the fetus had been terminated.


It is the Republican Way to Govern.

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