Tuesday, September 29, 2015

False Prophets–prediction fulfilled


For more than half a century, The Evangelicals have been promoting their vision of ‘THE END OF TIMES”.  They have ignored the Bible and spoken of a Third World War which would bring an end to all humanity.

But the Bible simply says there will be a war in the area of northern Israel and into Syria.  In fact, the specified location was involved in the SIX DAYS WAR and resulted in Israel taking control of, and holding ever since, the HIGH ground specified in that prophecy.

As shown in the timeline presented in "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", Hitler’s rise to power, the start of World War Two, the Holocaust, and even the 2007/8 ‘great recession’ were events which fit the timeline.

We can go further and say that Vietnam and the various fights or conflicts in Indonesia were also there.  1977 was a specified year … not likely to be relevant to the Jan 3rdincorporation of Apple Computer, Inc … but the case might be made.  Maybe that year references Jan 12th – and the Anti-French demonstrations takes place in Israel after Paris released Abu Daoud, responsible 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli athletes.

Or it might mark the great pardon writer Gerald Ford, and his Jan 19th - US President Ford pardons Iva Toguri D'Aquino (Tokyo Rose) … thus harkening back to WW2 and the Rapture [1945] when at least 144,000 Jews vanished without their being any actual record of what happened to them … just the assumption that they died in the Holocaust.

In 1977, on Feb 10th - Bomb explosion in Moscow metro … but terrorist bombs have exploded in many places.   On Mar 4th – an Earthquake in Romania, killed 1,541 … and certainly earthquakes could fit … into prophecy, as could the people who starved and diseases that appeared.  But, while we can ask, "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" … we know that we are in that age – it came 2000 years after the prophecy and the prophecy was 1st century, so will be filled in the 21st century.

On Mar 18th - Vietnam handed over MIA to USA … ending that nonsense era in which America sought to deny the Vietnamese the freedom to chose their own form of Government… something they won the right to do and now seem to be doing quite well.

Many things happen in any given year … so we must stay with those which are both unusual and dramatically noticed.  Prophecy is nonsense … but only an idiot would deny that PREDICTION based on human behavior and known environmental cycles, or various other patterns, are very real.

The Hebrews, like the builders of Stonehenge (who were their ancestors, as shown  in "Grandpa Was A Deity: How a Tribal Assertion Created Modern Culture" -- using a combination of yDNA, common mythology symbols and beliefs, solid archaeology, and common scientific elements/knowledge) knew their stuff.  Much of which was lost in the Christian Era.  Even basic stuff – like the Greek saying that human gestation was ten month (of 30 days each) and our wrongful assertion of nine months … because doctors had to wait a moth to see if the menstrual cycle was missed, and then had to rely upon women to recall precisely when the last one was … and they usually didn’t miss the first one missed so referenced from the second.

The Bible knows … highest fertility (when women ovulate) is roughly two weeks after the menstrual blood flows.  The Greeks knew that too … and both knew it would be 300-310 (use 305) days after that when the baby would be born.  Cycles that were known and forgotten … prophecies are based on them.


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