Saturday, October 8, 2016


NBC Suppresses NEWS AND TRUTH by suppressing tapes of Donald TRUMP Degrading Women on The Apprentice.  They have the footage of Trump mouthing off.

At least, it appears the are suppressing valid news -- or so it appears on 7 October 2016.
Last Monday, the Associated Press published a story about Trump's TV show -- The Apprentice.  Having spoken with nearly two dozen crew members and producers and former contestants from The Apprentice, the Associated Press got a few of them on record with their full names, while others spoke only on the condition of anonymity (a matter of not violating  standard Trump nondisclosure agreements used routinely to conceal his dishonesty by concealing instances when he actually slips and is honest those exposing his own lies and frauds)
Not that it matters -- Republicans investment stuff and lie, while the AP makes sure to get its facts straight.
It appears NBC has Donald ON TAPE.
Given that he is running for POTUS office, the people have a right to know what those tapes show -- but NBC seems to want to conceal the Truth ... are they also telling lies about Clinton, which would mean they are telling lies to their viewers.
What kind of network lies to its viewers?
Who are they ??? FOXNEWS ??? have they become a similar right-wing organization seeking THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.
Are they seeking the destruction of the American economy, the denial of healthcare to Citizens/taxpayers?

Well, we are on track to prophesy fulfillment a corrupt Network would do wonders for making it come true:

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