Monday, January 30, 2017

Speak truth to Power -- who will Trump Target Next.

It is not a question... it is a statement.  "who will Trump Target Next." is a concept that acknowledges -- at least on the floor of the British Parliament -- that Trump will show bigotry and discrimination against other innocent people.

It is sad, disnerving, and frightening that the first POTUS to honor election pledges is the one who pledged hatred and bigotry -- pledged to close a wall around America and effectively remove it from the global economy.
It if horrorifing that the prediction in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {Amazon, March 2014} be proved so accurate.

Worse, because the book was a test case of the system applied to Revelation -- as explained in "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" {March 2014} -- which would seem to establish the calculation is correct and that we are, therefore only 18-years away from the much anticipated and feared 3rd World War which is to be the common name for ARMAGEDDON.  It will, as the Koran proclaimed, be a war between the West and Islam... a war in which all the BAD CHRISTIANS shall be ordered killed (perversely, in the name of Jesus, who the Bible says specifically stated He would disown).

But that is "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" {Amazon, September 2012} -- the proud violation of the Bible by Evangelicals is the same judgement that will bring about their death.  Their water will be poisoned {possibly by KeyStone XL} they will die of disease -- because they rejected universal healthcare and the protection it offers.   They will die because the Four Horsemen know who they are and the Bible they wave around tells us that people will say "BABYLON THE GREAT CITY HAS FALLEN" and expression which means "AMERICA THE GREAT NATION HAS FALLEN" --  which is the phrase that goes with saying it must be made great again.

Horrifically, that makes Trump the 2nd Angel... the Holocaust in which at least  144,000 Jews vanished among those 6 million who died at Nazis hands ... and the coming of the first angel.  

Fortunately, not even the Bible Banging Evangelicals believe in the Bible -- and so the prophecy can unfold as a normal and predictable occurrence consistent with human history and behavior.

How nice... we know the pattern... it is presented in "Jonathon's POTUS Cousins" {Amazon, January 2017}  
How delightful ... How old will you be in 2035?
How old when the city of the seven hills is destroyed?
An event that is due soon.... 
But nobody believe these things. 

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