Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Second Fifty-six Days After Babylon the Great City Fell

Now that we have finished Two 56-Day cycles, things are getting lively. Though the timing of events would seem to support the idea that It also looks like they prefer 57-days to the 56, so we are seeing a migration of events which should have occurred on 12 or 13 May happen on 14 or 15 May.

Naturally, that means they are occurring comfortably into the start of the third 56-Day Cycle. Hence we see the Cyber-attack and the subsequent blaming of a North Korean ransomware hacker group occur at the end of one cycle and beginning of another.

The alt-Right movement to create POTUS PENCE is working perfectly -- they've conned the Progressive spin-doctors into doing their job for them. But that too has emerged more clearly with the dawn of the Third Cycle.

So here we are, the first book has been live for 60-days:

The second is due to go live shortly (on 16 May the presumed Amazon link was used -- around the 26th we'll know if it is correct)

Have fun kiddies ... the alt-Right POTUS PENCE movement has the full support of the alt-Left and the Bernie-or-Bust crowd. Recent polling has 48% of the people wanting Trump impeached -- and they do not really care what cock-n-bull justification is utilized to achieve it ... all they want is him out ... and by default, POTUS PENCE to bring the nation a Conservative Theocratic Regime that opposes Healthcare, abortion, LGBT, public assistance, social security, and anything else that will make America live up to the image it once wished to have in the world
YES, KIDDIES!  Babylon the great city has fallen.  And now the goal is to crush its remaining stones into dust.

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