Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cory Booker denies his personal Culpability for current ACA AHCA BCRA debacle

Everyone knows there is room for expansion and improvement of ACA {ObamaCare}. Cory Booker denies his personal culpability in the situation now before us.
Why is he "culpable"?
In September -- two months before the November election, Trump said he wanted the improved legislation on his desk on day one. The Democrats could easily have drafted and passed that legislation ... maybe Obama would have had time to sign it, if not, certainly it would have been awaiting Trump's signature.
But the Democrats assumed Hillary would win and didn't feel there was any reason to expand and make cheaper the existing ACA -- they certainly weren't going to make Bernie Sanders look good by improving the system the way he advocated.
So we are here because the Democrats -- like Cory Booker -- wanted us to be here. Now they want to create POTUS Pence and ensure things get worse.
It is rather funny. Booker and his lamb-brained colleagues blew it... and are whining because they are continuing to blow it ... if they proposed improved legislation, there are 7 Senate Republicans up for reelection in 2018 who are motivated to sign on (plus all the Republicans in the House who would need to justify voting against America's health).
BUT NO! Instead, they will play Impeachment games with the full knowledge they can never pass a Bill of Impeachment, or get a Senate conviction ... and if they did, they would get the ultra-Right-wing Theocratic Fascist POTUS PENCE who they seem to so dearly want running the country.

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