Saturday, May 26, 2007

HELL - More Christian Stupidity

Date Line May 26, 2007

Hell fire and damnation? Christian irrationality. Fifty percent of all Americans believe that the world was created within the past ten thousand years. HUH!

Like, duh, what is it with these idiots. Are we really a nation of totally brainless clods? Well yea. Of course we are.

Hell fire and damnation. Consider that this Christian Creator – this all wise, all knowing, eternal being created humanity knowing that he would be burning them for eternity in non-consuming fire.

Yea, think about it. This all knowing know it all who supposedly whipped out all but one family among all those who descended from Adam and Eve; this all knowing creator who knew from the beginning that he would whip out all these people; this wonder of generosity and compassion; this deity; he created life knowing he would kill it in a fit of rage at its indiscretions.

Then, having washed away his first effort, he gets bored and creates this fireplace in the bowels of the earth, and those who came from Noah, from the one family worthy of saving, these he is to dump into that fireplace where they shall burn forever.

Man you got to really appreciate a people who worship such a sadistic being. Ya got to believe it, Pope Benedict XVI said Hell is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire, and not just a religious symbol designed to galvanize the faithful, has said.

The Pope knows! Right? The Pope speaks for this all wise and all knowing deity who created life, and rules, just so he could enjoy a fire made from their souls. There is no escaping it. You were doomed to roast before you were born.

This idea of some salvation? Why that is a reprieve from the sentence handed down before there were stars in the sky, or even a sky. That is, after all, what “All-Knowing” means. You know it all, long before it happens, or could even have the possibility of happening.

Can anybody escape? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” And everyone dropped the stones they carried. Everyone! No a stone was cast; nor could one be cast. It is a game, a joke, a deeply funny perverse joke launched by a deeply perverted and sadistic deity.

If we are all sinners, we all get to burn. And that was known from the very moments before creation. It really does not matter. You will, if you are following a Christian deity, burn-baby-burn.

Of course, on this and other subjects, Islam is not much better. There one wander through rings like those of Dante described. But there is no escape, that same all-wise, all-knowing deity has doomed you before the first instant, before the first utterance, of creation.

Of course, it really does not matter, given that life is a cosmic setup, it really does not matter if we came about ten thousand years ago, with evidence to the contrary just part of the grand deception; or if we emerged and evolved over billions of years.

In either event, that which was responsible decided we would be the subject of eternal torture. If there was an escape, if there was another alternative, the deity would not be all-knowing. There would be no need for the games, or for the illusion of choice.

If the deity is ignorant of the outcome for even one person, then it follows that it is not all-knowing. If it is not all-knowing, how can it be the supreme deity?

Of course, as the Khazar ruler realized, Christian and Islamic deities are subordinates to the true deity, the Judaic deity; thus he he and his people accepted Judaic teachings as their faith.

What do the Judaic teaching hold on the subject? Only that mankind was designed to need some final touches. That mankind would enter, Gehenna, the place of purification where all imperfections associated with the physical world shall be burnt away in purification for the next world.

No torment, little more than a bath of magic fire designed to cleanse a soul of earthly contaminants. In reality, not much more than a divine ritual bath.

After all, The Judaic deity is all-knowing, and thus knows that any visitor, no matter their personal fastidiousness, is likely to pick up a little outside mud. Do not Japanese, leave their shoes at the door?

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