Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Right-wing agenda -- America's destruction

Date Line May 5, 2007

The Right-wing and evangelicals maintain a litmus test for all their actions and policies: “Do the most harm to the most people, so as to benefit the elite fewest.”

Naturally they also have a knee-jerk scream of anguish and denial when this is revealed. However, as is now well recognized, their primary response to the damage they cause is denial, followed by insistence that everything theirs is the best of all possible actions.

Of course, we are talking about the same people who deny evolution and all the scientific premises which affirm it; and do so without understanding that they are also denying the science behind computers and IBM’s new self-assembling microchips.

Of course, one would never expect intelligence from the superstitious.

However, one might wish the populous was intelligent enough to avoid allowing these people to assume power.

Most recently the Right-wing Warrior-in-Chief, our own Prez. Georgie Bush, has threatened to again use his veto power to block abortion reforms which would allow the poor access to funds.

Aside from the fact that he never once vetoed legislation harmful to the nation, this recent action shows his efforts to affirm his compliance with the Right-wing litmus test.

As we have discussed before, one level of the anti-abortion debate (the one marked by the words “under any circumstances”) is to murder both the mother and fetus under the guise of protecting the fetus.

It really matters little that the evangelicals invoke scripture; especially when the scriptural birth-right ordinance applies only to a child who emerges, even briefly, from the womb; or when the fetal death is the result of a criminal assault on the mother.

Evangelicals are noted for their blatant disregard for that book they wave around.

If you doubt that: a) offer them some pork, b) see if they wash after sex, c) or discern if they understand the perquisite approval of polygamy incorporated in the instruction, “if a man has two wives” he is to treat them equally.

However, for now the discussion is abortion and how the prohibition is intended to invoke the primary Right-wing tenet of, ““Do the most harm to the most people.”

Roe v Wade was a landmark decision which the Right-wing has consistently opposed and sought to reverse. Why?

The answer is in the best selling “Freakonomics”, which is a study of micro-economics in terms we can all understand. It shows the cause and effect relationship between divergent forces and actions.

Now, I just yesterday received my copy, and was amazed to discover it reflects an approach to analysis which I have long used, and which is evidenced in both my newspaper column and in my various diverse blogs on politics, economics, DNA genealogy, and the effect on cultural development or change.

Page 4: “a child born into an adverse family environment is far more likely than other children to become a criminal.” Thus, if you can create adverse family environments (as Right-wing Administrations are noted to do through the policies they promote) crime rates increase.

Any increase in crime promotes repressive counter measures. Thus we have seen the Bush Administration engage in actions initiated by Osama Bin Laden, while effectively doing nothing to stop Bin Laden.

As the authors point out, Roe v Wade allowed the poor, and those most likely to bring children into adverse environments, to abort the pregnancy. The effect of those abortions was felt when those now non-existent children would have reached criminal involvement age.

The highest crime rates occur in age groups 15-25; Roe v Wade was 1970; the absence of criminals not born thus would be felt in 1995. Lo-and-behold, that is when crime rates dropped precipitously.

In the early 1960's, Scientific American published a sociological study which predicted an increased crime rate with increased city population density.

As the strongest “Roe Effect” was felt in the inner cities, and we have seen a move to the suburbs by those who could afford it, we have a secondary contributor to bolster the “Roe effect.”

Naturally, in order to invoke the most harm to the most people, it falls to Right-wing evangelicals to increase population density of inner cities. This requires that the preach abstinence over birth control, and prohibit abortions to the poor.

Right-wing anti-abortion practices constitute the most effective means of increasing criminal activity; which would be followed by increased repression of freedoms akin to those implemented through cooperation with Bin Laden, or al-Qaeda, stated objectives.

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