Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Murders – Conspiracy 101

Got a kick out of this article – especially since the perpetrators seem to be identified – two Chechen Brothers raised and educated in the good Irish Catholic City of Boston.  For all the hype – it seems this is another instance of the Inquisition redux.

It appears it was just a good Christian conspiracy to commit murder on a random scale… it was pure Inquisition, or Salem Witch-hunt, without the formalities of any appearance of doing the “Lords” work – you know, the same things they do when they oppose abortion for any reason whatsoever – thus ensuring that both mother and child will die, or children will be born who cannot be fed – or born with incurable medical problems that denial of healthcare will ensure they suffer greatly …

Of course, they (the conspiracy theorists, or blood liable types) will make sure to blame the “other”.  They will ignore that fact that the boys were raised in America, and so were given what every American child gets – they will ignore it, and focus on tacking on the “IMMIGRANT” label in every story… play up the other at a time when America is reviewing its immigrant policies and shipping work to other nations, because we refuse to allow their workers to come here (and build our economy with their skills).

Media – focus on the issue … another Christian mass murderer … not a Jew, Moslem, al Qaeda terrorist… or any foreign national who arrived her intent on killing… these are, by all accounts, otherwise good boys which America trained and educated… to kill strangers… no different than we have done in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.  In fact, the only difference is that the guys in Washington, and the corporations for mass murder, didn’t make a profit off of this.   

National Tragedy Perverted to Promote Jewish Conspiracy Theories by Arutz Sheva staff Tragedy Promotes Jewish Conspiracy Theories
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed concern over the alarming number of conspiracy theories circulating online in the aftermath of the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon, including spurious claims that Jews, Muslims or the government were secretly behind the attack.
Anti-Semites, racists, bigots and extremists have exploited the attack, accusing Jews, Muslims and others of being responsible, even as law enforcement officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have warned against jumping to conclusions about who was behind the bombings, which killed three and injured at least 170 people as the April 15 marathon was entering its fourth hour.
“It is disturbing that once again extremists are taking advantage of a national tragedy to promote conspiracy theories rather than letting the hard and detailed work of the investigators take its course,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  “America should come together in the aftermath of terrorism.  We should not allow the extremists and bigots to divide us.”
Just minutes after the attack, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists took to the Internet and blamed Jews and Israel for the bombing, according to information compiled by ADL’s Center on Extremism.
For example, an anti-Semitic Web site called “NoDisInfo” published an article claiming: “Zionist Jews Strike Again, Murdering Three in Boston.”  The article alleged that Jews “control the security” and therefore will not be caught, but that if they were, “the diabolical schemes of world Jewry would be known to virtually the entire universe.” A day later, the site published a follow-up article claiming that pressure cookers, which were used to construct the bomb, are a “Zionist specialty.”
Anti-government extremist organizations and other hate groups also reacted to the attack with conspiracy theories stating the attacks were “false flag” operations orchestrated by the U.S. government to curtail civil liberties and impose a military state on American citizens, according to the ADL.

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