Thursday, June 13, 2013

American Racism

If you belong to al-Qaeda [or the KKK], which is noted for its racism toward Jews and Europeans, you really have to love their American brothers in the modern racist battle.

First they attack President Obama for being born in Hawaii – saying he was born in Africa or some such … since they obviously don’t know where Hawaii is, or that it is an American state …

And now they are attacking a young Texan – a talented kid named Sebastien De La Cruz – for being born in San Antonio and singing the National Anthem on TV.

Seems these idiots think San Antonio is in Mexico, and therefore an American does not have the right to sing his own Anthem… which the racists probably don’t even know.

There is something really neat about a country where people don’t  even know their own cities, states and territories.  Does explain a lot:

… explains Evangelical Christians violating their own scripture and actively promoting its violation [see “Saint Paul’s Joke”] among others who would seek some form of spiritual salvation/guidance.

… explains all the school shootings… they’re too dumb to be trusted with guns.

… explains the support for the Republican Tea Party; the opposition to providing the medical care that Jesus praised from the Good Samaritan; their opposition to education; their denial of damage caused by wasteful use of natural resources; their denial of climate change and opposition to wind and solar energy, but support for nuclear energy and construction of nuclear reactors [which they enjoy seeing explode or release poisons into the atmosphere].

Yep America … the land where many seek to cause:


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