Tuesday, June 4, 2013

???? Breast Cancer link to Tattoos ????

Interesting, Check out the photo gallery ... notice they all see to have Tattoos ... has anyone done a correlation between breast cancer and tattoos?

I need to ask a friend about her daughter -- her line carries the [Ashkenazi cancer] gene, and daughter just had double mastectomy ... OH SHAME ON FB for taking down these images but letting so many other TRULY offensive images just float around.

Cancer survivor urges Facebook to stop taking down post-mastectomy photos

Cancer survivor urges Facebook to stop taking down post-mastectomy photos

Scorchy Barrington launched an online petition against Facebook, urging the social network to stop taking down photos of men and women who have undergone mastectomies.


After posting this, I contacted the friend whose daughter (who I've never met) just had the double mastectomy ... BINGO she has Tattoos ... the names of her twin daughters and the date they were born.

OK, not scientific, but it made me remember that the Abrahamic Laws prohibit tattoos -- I thought it might be a matter of infection, but now I'm wondering if they didn't make a link between tattoos and tumors. They were smart enough to apparently know about Pork and Saturated fats causing heart attacks (as well as pork diseases). They knew about bathing as a means of fighting germs; they even knew that a large number people have beef allergies, and boiling beef in genetically related milk would amplify those allergies (roasting destroys the allergy protein, so the milk & meat restriction only applied to boiled foods)

It will be interesting to see if researchers are smart enough to check for a link between the components of tattoo ink and breast cancer... probably not.

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