Thursday, June 11, 2015

SheZow–Transgender Cartoon

Today I came across a cartoon series on NetFli: SheZow … a boy inherits a magic superhero ring from his aunt … but it only works for Girls (or when the wearer is imaged as a female; the ring transmutes the boy into a girl)

Think Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner and having it presented to children as his becoming a permanent transsexual male-female superhero.

Ah, the poor right-wing idiots … remember what they made of SpongeBob SquarePants – yelling the  cartoon sponge character was really GAY!

OH what will happen if those idiots actually caught on to 2013 series SheZow.  They obviously avoided it – had they played the Sponge Bob game the series would probably have become a huge success.

Of course, they have Barack Obama to attack … at least for another 18 months … who will be next?  Or will they manage to destroy America before January 2017?

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