Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Voting Shows the End of Amrica

Just voted for the 50th year straight (counting a few absentee ballots_) ...
Town has 1001 residents and over 750 registered voters ...
Sounds good -- until you think about it.
75% of the town is OVER voting age ... there are very few kids ... in a normal population, only 40% of the population are adults.
Bodes poorly for the survival of the District Schools (located here in Town) -- our town has the largest population of any of the communities serviced by both the elementary and high school.
And Maine is losing children.
In a decade, the population will reflect there being nearly none at all.  In three decades ...
Guess there is a solid reason for being anti-immigration.  Why would we want children?
Why would we want anyone under the age of 60?
An ideal reason to undermine Social Security.
Why would we want people to retire?
Why would we want people who are selfish enough to retire to have money to spend to keep local stores and industries afloat?
  "The Tea Party: America Upended" ... they understand ... upend America, empty it out, destroy the economic structure ... all the easier for the Islamics to conqueror the nation.
Why Islamics?  Haven't you seen the reports?  The mean temperature in the Middle East is expected to reach 165 -- it's expected to become uninhabitable (as is the mean is approaching 115-130 (and we all know safe faucet water temp is 120).  Certainly they will need a place to live -- and the Tea Party has decreed it should be America (but its voters are too dumb to understand that).

Now Consider this:
The 2015 Military Budget for America is approximately $600 BILLION and represents nearly 20 times the amount devoted to Social Security (which the elderly funded).  By way of contrast, China spends $129.4 Billion annually, it's population is for times that of America and that means the per capita cost reflects what Americans spend on their daily Coffee  -- China is the next highest military budget, then Saudi Arabis spending $80 Billion, and the "bad-and-nasty" Russians at $70 Billion. Clearly, America is overspending.
If America cut the military budget by 5%, it could double ALL Social Security payments, enhance the economy from the bottom  (raise all boats by raising the tide from below the hulls).  But that would mean the Republicans deciding to make their actions fit their slogans, and we all know that will never happen.
But place the Miltary Budget in terms of an Islamic takeover of America.  If all the factors remain the same, spending on the military will INCREASE and spending on a growing Social Security population will DECEASE.  As a result, the Arab takeover of America will see them inherit the largest military machine in the history of the planet -- exactly what they will need for the JIHAD which Sir Isaac Newton said would happen in the period around 2033/5.      
The beauty of it all?  AMERICANS are voting to achieve their own destruction and create the Global Islamic State.

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