Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trump rephrases REVELATION

STRANGE THOUGHT: Did Donald Trump intent to pander to the Evangelicals, by taking a statement from Revelation, tweaking it, then using it as his campaign slogan?

"Make America Great Again" 

To make something “great again”, obviously it had to once be great – maybe a “Babylon the Great City” type greatness.  As you might have noticed on some TV programs, quite often, The City of Washington is referred to as “Babylon.”

Does that mean: Donald Trump’s Campaign formally declares “BABYLON THE GREAT CITY HAS FALLEN”?

Thus Trump is fulfilling Revelation?  Does that make any sense at all?

Is America the modern and symbolic Babylon of the ancient text?

In his paper, “METAPHORS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION: A STUDY OF SELECTED SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST (S.D.A.) LAY LEADERS’ INTERPRETATIONS”, Stephen Ogana wrote:““Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (Rev.17:5). Babylon symbolizes an apostate Church full of wicked followers.”  Which is a fair description of Evangelical Bible Belt America.  It is something revealed by Paul’s Gospel to the Gentiles, as covered in "Saint Paul's Joke: 'The Punch Line's A Killer'".

“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great city is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev. 18:2 KJV).  Look at this representation of that ancient assertion – it describes a conditional reality which might well be applied to Washington.  Where else do people work to deny medical care to others; to deny medical research; to deny the obvious that we see associated with Climate Change; to deny a worker the right to a minimum wage that removes them from the slavery of poverty; to attack those who are in poverty and forbidden any escape by their attackers?

Slaves get “FREE STUFF”; taxpayers buy what they receive; the wealthy steal from their slaves.  

Babylon was the symbol of Jewish Slave Captivity, America is the symbol of African Slave Captivity – and now it has a POTUS who is both descendant of “Kenya” and the Founding Fathers.  (Obama is a Cousin to George Washington and numerous others who were Founding Colonial settlers.)

As cited by Ogana, “Horn (1979:109-114) says this concerning Babylon: It is called Babel in Hebrew and Aramaic languages and Babulon in Greek. It was a city in the Mesopotamian Valley which was one of the first cities founded by King Nimrod. In the Holy Scriptures (Genesis 11:9), the name means confusion based, evidently, on the fact that the Hebrew verb balal means to confuse. A number of prophesies were directed against Babylon, predicting that the city would be destroyed and become desolate or an uninhabited place. (Isaiah 13, 14:1-23, Jeremiah 50:51). This prophesy, has gradually been fulfilled (Cyrus the Great took it in 539 B.C.). In the Bible (Revelation 18:1-3), Babylon implies a religious organization which teaches false doctrines and therefore, it is bound to fall.”

Imagine Right-Wing Evangelicals actually believe their often irrational superstitious interpretation of scripture. [as opposed to using it as a means to bilk the ignorant of millions in donations to support the televangelist top 1% lifestyle.]  Could, as implied by Horn, and stated by Jesus (when he denies he will know those who come in his name), could Babylon be the Christian Church?  In his Prophecy of the 112 Popes (the final one, in a thus far basically accurate series, being the current Pope Francis I), Malachi is on record as saying Roman is destroyed while Pope Francis (returned Peter) travels.

The timing Evangelicals have is general -- there are two phases, each one after a period of thousand years; the first was the Viking age in which Charlemagne murdered non-believers; the second is the 21st century when they often say the world ends.
[We know the prediction describes an end of modern, rampant, post-war, human population growth and the effects of Climate Change. We have very reason to believe the "prophecy" was a rational prediction of known cycles combined with a rational projection of observed human cultural patterns.]
If the Evangelicals believe a certain number must die, could they be trying to manipulate those deaths?
Could that explain their attack on health care and the elderly (through attacks on Social Security); could that also explain their devotion to excessive military spending?
Is it possible they believe murdering others, sacrificing others, will somehow save them from the inevitable extinction associated with their historic self-hatred and bigotry?
We have, possibly, uncovered the secret behind the timeline. Uncovered the rational reasons why the specific dates and times were said t be unknown:
1. We were denied knowledge of a fixed starting date;
2. We lost the accuracy which comes from proper use of the cyclical calendar system they applied;
3. They knew irrational Pagan/Roman thought patterns would prevail for most of the period - it was even part of the prediction and marked the events which would define much of the second interval. If WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING define a divine spirit, ignorance and superstition would, in part, define evil. But then too, there is the ignorance which blindly dismisses that which is not clearly understood -- an intellectual equivalent of the Fox declaring the grapes sour.
Mention the Bible and the reaction is to call it myth and dismiss it -- even as the dismissive individual acknowledges the scientific wisdom of its laws and obeys (promotes) it's rules for fundamental hygiene and social behavior.
Are we in the Revelation Era? Of course we are -- the end of that era was fixed to be two thousand years from the writing of the predictions.
Part of the problem: which writing?
Both being versions of the same prediction, the latter appears to be meeting a more detailed expression of the former -- with the KORAN describing the soldiers who would comprise either THE ARMY IN WHITE, or the ultimate army of evil to be destroyed before the more civilized age can begin. It begins with those who choose, or prize, "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction".

Many have interpreted verses in many ways.  But in all, it would appear that America, or its cities, are seen to be the hub that is Babylon.


There is the “???” because Christians see the dead as Christian, Muslims see them as Muslim, the dead of The Rapture – the 144,000 – are, without question, stated to be 12,000 of each of the Twelve Hebrew Tribes of Israel.  And so stated, even though, at the time of the Prophecy, the only means of identifying those individuals was via their DNA ... a means that only emerges in the 21st century, when the Holocaust settled the matter through the expedient method of simply killing all Jews.  NOTE the Nazis were working on, and dedicated to, the study of genetics which we now do via DNA.  Could it be that the Holocaust was the Rapture without the proper tools?

Now that really messes with the Evangelical source of income – the one promise they consistently make to the rubes they con on a daily basis.

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