Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why GOP hates Social Security; LOVES harming America

THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE defines all Republican politics.

There is the obvious:  At Republican insistence, Americas spend more on the military than the total of the next seven highest spending nations.  It is not an issue of national defense.  Most of the programs are useless to the point that even the Pentagon lobbies against them.

Spending on the military drains the Federal Coffers and deprives the Nation of funds for its citizens and maintenance of its basic infrastructure.  Cut the Military budget in half, and you would still spend more than the next three or four nations; cur it in half and there would be NO DEFICIT,. plus there would be a surplus to fully fund Social Security and other programs which build the economy.

Consider Social Security.

If the minimum average payment were more than 150% of poverty, those of Social Security would not need to be subsidized by SNAP, LIHEAP, etc.  Thus those programs would cost less to fund.

If the minimum wage were increased to $15 or more an hour, the related worker-employer contribution to Social Security would DOUBLE.  PLUS, the workers would not need to be subsidized by SNAP, LIHEAP, etc -- those programs would cost less to fund.

People would have more disposable income, and that means they would demand more goods and services, which means there would be a demand for workers to provide those services or goods. Increase demand for goods an services, and unemployment declines.

GEE the effect of declining unemployment equates to the removal of people from welfare.  Again the cost of those programs declines.

If you want to harm people, belittle those who need public assistance, deny those who are retired the income they were promised – thus forcing them onto the public assistance you denounce – at the same time deny retirement programs funds by depressing the minimum wage.

Finally, squander revenues the government obtains – and if it cannot be squandered, invent means to allow those who are exporting jobs and wealth NOT to have to pay taxes and thereby reduce the un-squandered surplus while, ideally, transferring the real tax burden to the same people you have denied of a living wage.

The Most Harm To The Most People … it’s a simple, if long term, game.  One that is competed by denial of healthcare to those you have burdened with high taxes and low wages, and belittled for needing the welfare you forced them to qualify for.  After all, you get more people on welfare when they are too sick to work – so make sure they are denied the ability to stay healthy.

We hear that “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.”  That is true.  But the tide lifts the boats from below the keel.  When all boats are beached, and the tide comes in, it lifts the smaller shallow draft boats first – the people at the bottom for who a relatively small about of lift provides all the buoyancy they need.

It is only when all the smaller craft are afloat that the continuing increase in tide will lift the larger ships.  Of course the tide could rise by rain pouring down from above.  The larger boats catch it, the rain fills the holds, passageways or compartments – and then overflows the gunnels and trickles down to provide the lift the smaller boats require.  Unfortunately, the larger ships are now swamped – they do not rise, but capsize and sink … we call it a Recession, Great Recession, Depression, Economic Collapse … and knowing this, the owners order the Captains to batten down the hatches and set sail for distant ports … What we call Outsourcing.

If the rain continues, the smaller boats will rise, or capsize; the ships will have long since gone and the port will be empty … those who service it will have no work.  But that is the goal of TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS –to destroy the economy of the port that was abandoned.

THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE defines all Republican politics.

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