Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Book that Destroyed Ted Cruz’s PORUS Aspirations

Neat: On Wednesday, 21 October 2015, the book, "President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future",  was credited as being the work which singlehandedly brought about the end to any hope Ted Cruz had of being nominated for, much less elected to, the position of POTUS.

With it’s apparently obvious “pro-Cruz” title,

PTC_cover (2013_12_13 17_48_36 UTC)

The book was an immediate read for those who wanted the crazy Canadian to become America’s first unconstitutional President.

Phrased in terms of the Birther Movement case against Obama, the book paralleled the two men – who proved to be identical in all respects, aside from the fact Obama was an American Citizen born in the State of Hawaii, and Cruz was, until the book was published, a Natural Born Canadian Citizen (with all the rights and privileges of a Canadian) until the book focused upon the fact that Cruz was really a dual national … naturalized via the provision in American Naturalization Laws which allowed bypass of normal processing to those who have an American Parent.

It is noted in the Book, even if the Birther falsehoods about Obama had been true, Obama would  still have retained an equal status with Cruz – except both men would have been ineligible to hold the offices of President and Vice President, or to rise to those offices via normal succession.

As the book pointed out, Cruz’s power might be in the Senate – though subsequent actions on his part show he might have resigned himself to a secondary role there as well.

At this point in time (October 2015) all that remains is for Cruz to officially withdraw or otherwise “officially suspend” a campaign which has ended in all but the collection of money from the carney rubes – those who are the same bible waving fools Cruz’s father bilks on a regular basis.

In terms of Bible-Speak we have another book … one based on an interpretation of scriptural timing and the “Catch-22” of prophecy. 

As the book "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" points out, 2015/16 marks the period in which political radicals must prevail, and bring down Washington, or be brought down themselves (hence the Ballot Box on the cover). 


Regardless of whether the right collapses the nation by promoting unconstitutional positions intended to force a default on the Nation’s lawful debts and obligations, or selects to shutdown the government in time to disrupt the holiday economic season, the prophecy will need to be complied with before October 2016.

Should they fail to assume more power, and possibly lose that which they have already acquired – via the voting out of their current office holders, the prophecy prevails … it only calls for “Babylon the great city to fall” and that can mean a loss of power for those who have assumed the obstructionist role which, for seven years, has defined Washington.

In November 2016, the 2016 decisions, and status of Washington, will be formally declared by American voters.  What makes the race and decision more dramatic, and thus more in keeping with prophecy fulfillment, is the clear choice between the Democrat and Republican positions.

The Republicans want to deny people the right to health care; deny them the right to a living wage which will allow workers to live above the poverty levels that necessitate government assistance; deny a living retirement to those who supported America over working lives spanning four to five decades, by breaking the Social Security Promise and denying retirees the incomes whose payment they contributed to and paid for; deny improvements to infrastructure (the Republicans couldn’t even build a Homeland Security Building – instead they have funded over a Billion Dollars in cost overruns with nothing to show for them).

The Republicans want to increase the level of desperation and poverty among Americans – and the voters will determine if they really want an America that is too weak to fight against the Jihadists.

The Democrats want a strong America, one with a robust economy and where all citizens can achieve the best of life, with liberty and pursue happiness in a manner befitting a free people – a people who are respectful of the rights of others and do not use lies and deceit to deny others a meaningful existence.

So here we are: one book has shown its strength and nearly achieved its objective in a manner which precluded any possibility of rebuttal.

A second Book, also using the terminology and basis of thought of the right-wing evangelic demons who seek to destroy humanity, is about to be proved correct – but requiring slightly more than twelve months for that goal to be declared achieved.

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