Sunday, October 11, 2015

Guns: Learn Young … promote in old age

Actually, this explains the current push for guns.
As I have written many times (both blog & Book) there is the ancient educational expression -- which I was taught started with, or was popular among, Jesuits in late medieval and early Renaissance era:
Give me the child for the first seven years of its life, and I will return you the adult.
It is very true -- everything we know, our way of thinking about things, is predicated on the first 7-8 years of life.
Those born at the beginning of the Baby Boom were raised on toy guns. Toy guns -- as realistic as possible -- were designed to emulate the early TV Westerns and gangster movies so popular in the 1950's.
Everyone had guns then ... so everyone should have guns now ... the mentality is the hero in the crowd, the harmlessness of guns ... the TV & western reality of a six-shooter that hot a thousand rounds without reloading ... the good guys wore the white hats, the bad the black ... everything was simple and clear ... and guns NEVER hurt the innocent.
Want to bet -- the greatest gun advocates in the Republican Party grew up with BB Guns or 22’s ...

I shot my first gun, killed my first bird – in 1954, at Upstate NY home of Milly & Joe Zappavigna, whose son was involved in founding the famed FOUR SEASONS RESTURANT in New York.  In terms of lessons – my dad was anti-gun but pro-“fitting in”.

How gun advertising in America has changed since the 1950s

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