Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Defend IMUS speech -- but hang the weak-willed twit

Date Line April 11, 2007

OK, this is an easy one – BOYCOTT any company which pulls advertising from IMUS.

Gee. “Nappy headed Ho’s.” Big deal – nobody screams when Eddy Murphy and his comic chums call each other nig-gah’s.

Oh right – Eddy is black and Imus is white – so of course the blacks yell about the white boy using their slang. And worse, the media buys into it. Talk about the gross racism! Man oh man – black leadership is clearly about as racist as they come.

NO!? You doubt it?

When have Al Sharpton et al screamed at hip-hop and rap stars being racially derogatory to blacks?

NEVER! Right? Of course not – hip-hop and rap are black things – you can only use their language if you are black. No Caucasians or Asians need apply – blatant racist nappy haired pigs.

Any bails on Imus is a company which is racist – anti-Caucasian , anti-Asian, racist – DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!

They bailed because they discriminate against YOU! They see you as someone they rip-off. They see you as someone too stupid to know that they believe you an idiot.

Moreover, if you honor them for not supporting Imus – if you continue to give them your hard earned money – you are probably even more stupid than they think you are.

Ram it to the Al Sharptons of the world. Tell them to get the boulder from their eye before they start yelling about a spec in someone else’s!

Tell them to shut up until they clean up the Rap and hip-hop types.

Tell them to shut up until they clean up their stand-up comic types.

Tell them to shut up and stop infringing of White people’s freedom of speech – the freedom to use standard black slang, or any slang which any group commonly and openly uses to describe itself and its own people.

This nation has enough problems without these hate monger spilling their hypocritical nonsense. And why do they do it? For profit! To rip-off their own by making believe they are actually standing up to “the man”.

Bull! They are ripping off society – and corporate America is their proud partner in crime.

Of course, it doesn’t matter – IMUS caved and deserves to be canned.

Not for using black slang, but for being to weak minded, and weak willed, to stand-up for America and our freedom of speech: the freedom to use the sdame speech which is so acceptable to those who are denying whites the right to use their speech.

If you use it to describe a population you belong to – it cannot be hate-speech, nor can it be improper speech ... unless you are more guilty than those you are pointing at (one finger at them, four at you)

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