Saturday, April 7, 2007

“sacred obligation" Bush spits on your deity - honors his

Date Line April 7, 2007

Soon after I was conceived, at a time when I might have been nor more than a misplaced end mark, a fellow named Roosevelt decided the nation could use a “fireside chat” more than it needed an address to Congress.

I had 271 day of floating ahead, before I would begin my life of screaming and pointing out the irrationality of others. It might be that little chat, that folksy friendly realistic wartime ramble, shaped some aspect of my being – I’ll never know.

Now, 63 years later, it is interesting to look back and see what this Republican had to say, and even contrast it with the sorry character who now calls himself a “Wartime President.”

“This Nation in the past two years has become an active partner in the world's greatest war against human slavery.

“We have joined with like-minded people in order to defend ourselves in a world that has been gravely threatened with gangster rule.”

Note the words. We are a partner in a war against human slavery, and have joined with like minded people against a threat of gangster rule.

Today, having been brutally attacked by global criminals and thugs, we stand alone. Why?

Is it because we chose a leader who is in league with those thugs?

Is it because Bush is using, and depleting, America’s vast resources and moral authority to do the bidding – and achieve the aims of – Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorists?

Of course it is. Those are exactly the reasons America stands alone. Those are precisely the reasons that an organization financed by few individual contributions came bring this nation to, or past, the verge of bankruptcy.

Those are the reasons that, while every civilized industrialize nation can afford to secure the health and well being of it’s citizens, only America turns its back on its children, turns its back on those who are wounded it its service, turns its back on its elderly – those who devoted their lives, their bodies, their spirt, to building this nation.

Times have changed. Our nation stands at death’s door, and Bush is, with the assistance of the Right-wing, leading the effort to push that door open and shove US through.

Roosevelt proclaimed a goal, an obligation, on all those who fought for human dignity and freedom, on all those who sacrificed their life, their loved ones, and very the future of their family line, in an effort to secure the blessing of freedom.

Roosevelt said it this way: “Sacrifices that we and our Allies are making impose upon us all a sacred obligation to see to it that out of this war we and our children will gain something better than mere survival.”

We accepted a “sacred obligation”, which the Right-wing, which the evangelical fundamentalists, and the Bush plundering profiteers so proudly renounced. We have “sacred obligation” to ensure “our children”, our people, our citizens enjoy lives which exceed “mere survival.”

Tomorrow is Easter – a day commemorating an event in the life of a man who some refer to as, and hold to be, an earthly manifestation of a Supreme Deity, of THE Supreme Deity. Isn’t strange that, as they pray to him, and celebrate a day of divine magic, they turn their back on his teaching, they turn their back on his mandate.

What mandate? The self-same “sacred obligation” Roosevelt said this nation had taken on, must take on if it ever expected to be a force against human slavery and gangster rule – or in today’s terms, against the rule of the Terrorist al-Qaeda “nation” proclaimed by Bin Laden, and acknowledged as a “lawful” nation by any who glorify the current death and destruction with the word “war” – or hold its murders to have any claim to “military combatant” status.

Times have not change over the past 63 years, Roosevelt’s words – “we all know that a noisy minority maintains an uproar, an uproar of demands for special favors for special groups. There are pests who swarm through the lobbies of the Congress and the cocktail bars of Washington, representing these special groups as opposed to the basic interests of the Nation as a whole“ – hold true; but with the difference that these profiteers now control every aspect of this nation.

We have very few years in which to correct the wrongs of the past decade.

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