Monday, April 16, 2007

Suicide Killer -- 33 dead -- where was Homeland Security?

Date Line April 16, 2007

OK where is Homeland Security?

Where is the real security from terrorism and murder?

Virginia Tech? Thirty-three dead!

"We had no reason to suspect any other incident was going to occur," Steger said of the first shooting.

Hello! “Incident” A planed murder spree is an “incident”? Oh that is so cute. The body count in the average Bagdad suicide attack is less than that which happened in Blackburg – and it is only a first followed by a second “incident.”

When are Americans going to awaken to reality? We have sent – George Bush has sent our children to Iraq to die in his “war on terrorism” and the terrorists we need to be concerned of are here; they are home grown and deadly.

More American have been murdered by Bush’s incompetence and outright lies than died in the World Trade Center – or in all the 9/11 events.

In theory, Homeland Security is supposed to protect us from mass killings. But reality has a way of destroying theories. Homeland Security is a joke. Any time someone wants to commit mass murder – any time someone wants to become a suicide terrorist – they can.

The difference between the Blackville Suicide Shooter and Iraq? The people of Iraq never intended us any harm – yet we caused the situation which resulted in the murder of 600,000 Iraqis.

Bush is the real world terrorist – he has murdered more people than all the al-Qaeda and Hamas style groups combined..

The kid in Blackburg was a suicide terrorist. He killed and killed himself. Where was Homeland Security? If they cannot stop this one, will they stop the next – or the one that follows that one?

This was, and is, the season for terrorism on our shores. I wrote that well before the last election. Is Homeland Security going to stop the next one?

Will they even be near at hand when the next one comes down?

Will they be around when the next hurricane strikes? Will FEMA? Will the government turn from its tax breaks for the rich, or cease depriving soldiers of medical care, long enough?

Will the Bush Administration and the Right-wing take even a moments time to concern itself with real homeland security issues?

It is the season of death – before the years of death. Are you feeling all safe and secure?

The one to fear sits in the Whitehouse. The one to fear struts with their bible in one hand and their tax shelter papers in the other. The one to fear is the one who order our National Guard to their death on foreign soil.

It is the season of death – before the years of death. Are you feeling all safe and secure? Do you even have enough brains to be scared?

Blackburg, Va -- Virginia Tech campus
Thirty-three dead. Thirty two victims and the killer – all at the hands of the killer. A suicide attack in the terrorist style so evident in Bagdad over the past years since Bush lied to justify the invasion.

In an article posted here ( Friday, January 21, 2005) I mentioned expecting nothing approaching terrorist actions in America until after the 2006 election, made a few statements, then added, “and a terrorist attack on our shores before July 2007. DUH.”

If this one doesn’t count – we still have some 75 days. Care to yield a good prediction? Or would you want a better example? Your call.

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