Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ECONOMIST catches on to problem

THE ECONOMIST, the British publication, on Aug 6th 2011 caught on to the reality of selective abortion – I believe you read about it here – the 40 million man surplus caused by China’s one child policy … with gender selection for that one.  Great potential for war – really bad for population.

“… nature ensures that 105 boys are born for every 100 girls, so the sexes will be equal at marriageable age. Yet China’s sex ratio is 120 boys per 100 girls; India’s is 109 to 100.”

Consider this:  Where will they find wives?

Are we going to have a society that allows – or even requires – woman to have multiple husbands.  We can only have as many children as there are women … and then only one per woman every two years … push it and maybe every eighteen months … that will quickly produce a negative population growth – exponentially negative LOL

Is society really ready for that?  Imagine the negative effect on the economy – vacant houses; no construction; no demand for products – would help the environment … but would also have enormous potential for WAR.  Dem guys is going to fight over women and territory … and those women (?? said that didn’t I ?? )  

It will be so much fun. 

But the true effect is thirty years away

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