Sunday, August 7, 2011

ELECTRIC FUN … killing you

Half of all our electrical energy is generated by COAL

Coal is a dirty fuel, it bellows poisons into the air and creates a poisonous ash that pollutes land and water.

… Half of all the electric generated is lost in the transmission process … it never gets to you, nor do you directly benefit from it.


ALL of the COAL goes to polluting the environment providing NO BENEFIT to anyone.

Wind and/or solar, located at your home, removes you from the grid and stop the waste.

Wind and/or solar, located at your business, not only removes the business from the grid, but it also eliminates the largest part of the annual electric cost – delivery.   Plus it stops the waste.

How many remember Reagan removing Carter’s solar collectors from the White House?  Recall… the Republicans cheered that symbolic poisoning of the American public and continued polluting of the nation.


It comes in many forms.

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