Monday, August 8, 2011


From day one, I stated the “No Child Left Behind” law was dysfunctional … and now we learn:

From the Washington Post, 8 August 2011 --

“With a growing number of states rebelling against the No Child Left Behind law and stalled efforts in Congress to reform it, the Obama administration says it will grant waivers to liberate states from a law that it considers dysfunctional.”

Of course it is dysfunctional – it was instituted by Bush to destroy our educational system.  The premise of the law is to compare two successive classes in the same grade, and determine if the in coming one is as smart as its predecessor … the underlying assumption is that the students are of equal intelligence and originated with the same teachers.  Which is, obviously, a false premise on all counts.

Should the new group test dumber, the school will be deprived of money to teach them.  In a GOP/Bush universe, it is perfectly logical to cut funds to those who need additional assistance to improve. More important, having deprived them, they will then test poorer the following year and again justify further cuts.

“Most Harm, Most People”

Best achieved in the schools.

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