Saturday, January 14, 2012

GOP Loves to Lie

Ezra Klein: "Rick Perry’s campaign assigns Obama responsibility for every job lost nationwide, but Perry gets credit for every job created in Texas. Neat trick."

... GOP under Reagan & Bush doubled National Debt (so four times where it should be) Bush ran the nation into the ground by reducing tax revenues from those with a surplus of income and removing money from economy by taxing the lower groups with the least disposable income. NOW GOP candidates say Obama is the problem. We have recovery -- despite active GOP opposition. (And remember Clinton -- he ran a surplus that Bush ended so he could plunge us into debt) RESPONSIBILITY WHERE IT BELONGS - DESTROY THE USA vote GOP.

According to GOP Candidates:  Obama is responsible for “the 820,000 jobs lost in January 2009, despite the fact that Obama didn’t become president until the 20th of that month. It also includes the 726,000 jobs lost in February 2009, before any of Obama’s policies had gone into effect.”

No problem… we need the GOP in power … it is the only possible way to destroy America and bring about global war – which they will insist upon escalating into all out nuclear war … or they will invite terrorist attacks … remember, Bush had the opportunity to nail Bin Laden and withdrew the troops so they could attack Hussein … that is, GOP supported ignoring guy who kills thousands of Americans and destroys a economic landmark … so they can attack our allies against IRAN and its nuclear program; destabilize the region and strengthen Al Qaeda.

PLEASE VOTE GOP – it is the best way to affirm a basic hatred for the American Dream… currently held by a third of the nation.  

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