Sunday, January 29, 2012

GOP pushes for water pollution

The Republicans are making it clear that they are intend on polluting as much of the western water supply as possible.  The current goal is two fold, first allow oil pipelines through water aquifers – and be sure to allow them to be easy targets for any terrorists – assuming that nature does not cause a leak first.

Reuters 29 January 2012: “Republican lawmakers will try to force the Obama administration to approve the Canada-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline by attaching it to a highway bill that Congress will consider next month, House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner said on Sunday.” but also “Attaching Keystone to a pending deal to extend payroll tax cuts for workers, which has greater bipartisan backing than the highway bills, is another vehicle Republicans are considering.”

Keep in mind, the Republican goal is, and will remain, “The Most Harm to the Most People.”

If western water supplies escape contamination, it is still important to see that continental oil reserves are depleted.  Unless they are, there will be no means by which al-Qaeda and its successors can out last America in energy reserves necessary to power our military-industrial-complex.

The Republican objective is clear: Waste money on a military machine which is outdated and ill-advised … one that requires door-to-door combat to locate an unidentified enemy in clearly hostile territory.  Keep in mind: terrorists don’t need uniforms and don’t concern themselves with the Geneva Convention.  It is the terrorist method to kill anyone at any time – even civilians usually women and children within the nations granting them support and shelter.

The Republican objective is clear: pump all our oil out of the ground and waste it in as many ways possible; then we become fully dependent on middle eastern oil reserves.  In 1945, Nazi Germany was fully dependent upon those same resources – they ran out of fuel and lost the war.  The Republicans want us to be totally disarmed and helpless against al-Qaeda … why?  Their leadership is being funded by the same guys who fund al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and all the other terrorist organizations.

In November we get another chance to empower the Republican party and expedite its clearly defined dual efforts to bankrupt and disarm America … “The Most Harm to the Most People” … it is the American way of life – or, soon will be.

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