Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama’s doing something right

PEW RESEARCH reports that more Republicans hate Obama than hated Clinton – and Bill had the oral in the oval to contend with…

Consider this: George W had a 56% approval rating at this point in his administration … he doubled the deficit, and plunged us into a recession … plus let Bin Laden run free.  Obama’s approval rating is lowest of previous three presidents and disapproval rating is higher … he must really be doing something right!  Republicans, who gave BW a 90% approval rating – so he could ruin the country --  gave Obama a 13% approval, … again indicating Obama is doing everything properly … after all, “THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE” crowd hates the guy.

November promises to be an interesting point in American History.  We can elect a Republican, and put an end to the American experiment, or we can re-elect Obama and see the nation prosper.

Then too … there is 21 December to deal with … which party do you want to see handle a global crisis of mystical proportions?

Republicans want “THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE” – and they represent the End-of-the-World-Second-Coming crowd … so regardless of what really will happen after 21 December, we know they are going to do everything in their power to ensure national and global catastrophes are possible.

Watch them on OIL drilling … they will promote it.  That means, they will promote the unnecessary expeditious  depletion of oil oil reserves … while leaving the Al Qaeda & OPEC  reserves intact.  That also means the nation will, in under 20 years, be without a domestic fuel supply – nothing to fuel our planes, ships, or industry (aside from air polluting dirty sulfur infused coal … emphasis on home heat).

Imagine coal for home heating, or to produce the electric for said heating … imagine refurbishing every building in the nations to use coal … imagine how black the air will be.

NO NEED – without oil, we have no military and that means any petty terrorist group that has oil will have us in their sights – and we’ll be sitting pigeons.

OR How about CHINA … their one child policy  is now generating a surplus of men … potential soldiers … can you imagine an army of surplus males being aimed at us?   Their surplus is now four times larger than the total of ALL soldiers who fought in WW2…. that is ALL – from every country involved in the conflict at any one point in time.  Their surplus is FORTY time the total population of the State of Maine…. and we would have no fuel for cars, trucks, tanks or planes…. so we would need to fight on foot … door-to-door … if they were so stupid as to NOT flatten our cities first.

OH … send a thank you card to your neighborhood Republican … do it now, before there is no way to power mail delivery … thank them for their diligent promotion of:


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