Saturday, March 17, 2012

M/O ratio

The M/O Ratio is mentioned in an article which appeared in the ECONOMIST on Mar 15th 2012:

“Financial markets This old stock market”

The M/O ratio is a ratio of age groups 40 to 49 to those age 60 to 69.  For me, it represents my oldest son and myself.  It seems the the M/O ratio has a direct correlation to Stock price/earnings ratios.  The M/O seems to indicate that, for the next three years we are in for a bear market.  However, some time around 2015 thins should begin to change .. the mark will bottom .. hold there for approximately three years and then begin to recover – until it enters a bull market phase about seven years from now.

In terms of prophecies (which you should begin hearing a lot about) the 2012 to 2015 period corresponds to many … some of which I will be discussing in detail in the 3rd book of the “Grandpa Was A Deity” Trilogy -- “St. Paul’s Joke”.

Those who have already read “Grandpa Was A Deity” should be familiar with the basics of this fact driven trilogy.  “Grandpa Was A Deity” is an overview of of all three volumes as derived from the primary topic of DNA genealogy for what is basically an Indo-European genetic line … which some would say is the true Aryan.  Of course, neo-Nazis types would want to refute it with rage and violence – the primary reason being that the groups which carry the Aryan DNA are the Brahmin, Ashkenazi-Levites and Scandinavians … not the Germanic Hitler types, or Southern Baptist drunks normally associated with the Aryan Race label.

That scientific reality has created, or provided, an interesting explanation for why Hitler’s Germany was defeated:  Hitler defined the Aryan as the Master Race, and then proceeded to attack the true historic Aryan people – the Levites and Gypsies.

However … the topic today is the M/O ratio and the effect it will have on the Baby Boom generation.  If the ratio holds – as it appears to have over the past fifty-three charted years – that the baby boom will enjoy a massive buyers benefit over the next three years.  They will retire in twenty years with a portfolio that will outpace inflation by record amounts.

Of course, the majority will delay their purchases for five years to a decade.  Be interesting to see how they do.

Of course there is a secondary problem: If we do not address the federal deficit and tax income over $1 million – or properly tax incomes – the nation will collapse.  The world economy will follow.  But then, there are always the predictions.  The most interesting being an Islamic attack on the Vatican – the end of Catholicism, and possibly Christianity.

Remember, the Republican Party is dedicated to producing:


It will be decided in November – when Americans decide if they want to commit suicide and Romney becomes president.  If they duck that bullet, they will again make the same decision in 2016.  Who the choices will be is unknown, but the overall choice will remain the same – the party of borrow to feed the rich and amass deficits that double over their term in the Whitehouse (as was done under Reagan, Bush and Bush) … or the party that supports the health and wellbeing of the average person, while bring the budget into surplus (as they did under Clinton).


Your can guess how I’m betting

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