Thursday, August 7, 2014

World Treats US as Americans treat US

Republicans – especially the Tea Party – loves to dump shit on Obama.  Seems their dogs are kept on a leash and well paper trained – but still nonetheless little dogs.

The NY Times tells us “To Beat Putin, Support Ukraine” and thus attack those who want freedom from the Ukraine – kinda like siding with the British during the Revolution (the Colonial Civil War against Britain in 1776) – but, again, that is the Tea Party mentality and it has even infected the NY Times.

This Mother Teresa quote might well apply to the situation:

If you support freedom, support those who want to be free.  In the case of the Ukraine, the best support is to butt out.

Think about it

In the days the Conservative want back, there were no Billionaires; to be a Millionaire was an exceptional feat – generally reserved for Monarchs and Merchants.  But mostly Merchants – they would need to lend the Monarchs money, because the rules were too stupid to manage what should have been vast wealth … so the idiots plunged their nations into debt.

In those days, to be an actor or performer was to be among one of the poorest in the land.  The Court Jester was termed a FOOL. But  today, to be an actor and play the fool is to be paid millions of dollars a week and live better, and with less responsibility, than those who run the nation.

Today things are are very different.  We hear screams about the evils of Socialism and Communism, but it is in the Communist-Socialist nations that we find the greatest number of Billionaires, the most people living above the poverty level, and the most people who are free from concerns over their medical needs.  If we look to the oldest of Communist-Socialist regions … those whose Socialist tradition dates to when they were Vikings … we also find the happiest people on earth.

Today we need passports and visas … there are shouts of “Border Security” from those who want to return to the old days.  They are ignorant of the fact that, in the old days, one did not need a visas or passports and to enter a nation – they needed it to leave the one in which they were born.  Nobody could leave without the express permission of the Monarch – those who left without such permission were generally under threat of murder from that same Monarch … so they didn’t plan on returning.

In those by-gone days of a century or more ago, Border Security meant checking people to ensure they weren’t carrying plague … otherwise they were all welcome and free to make a living in any form which did not impose harm on others.

But we now want a nation where nobody gets rich – where people cannot enter – where they are denied medical care – where there is no work opportunity (those opportunities having been shipped, or outsourced, to the Socialist and Communist nations).

America has become a nation which shits on its president – for the horrible crimes of reducing unemployment, NOT being at war with poorer countries, reducing the deficit and not borrowing even more extensively from Socialist and Communist nations, for his wanting people to have a living wage, and medical care, and to earn a living wage which will allow them NOT to take Food Stamps or welfare (at a time when the largest Retailer hands its fulltime employees a poverty check and pamphlet on how to get welfare).

As  Lt. Col. Allen West has declared: "President Barack Obama constantly shows himself to be a disgrace to America and a clear and present danger to our Republic."  After all, we would not want the nation to improve – we need it to be at war and killing innocent people around the globe.

Are we surprised, should we be surprised, when the Socialist and Communist nations (like Russia) make fun of our President and echo the thoughts and words of the Tea Party supporters?

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Russia hung the Three Monkeys poster across from the US embassy in Moscow today, Russians hung this racist banner addressing Obama on his 53rd birthday.  Can Americans be upset? Or do they Cheer It ?

Is it better or worse than, in gleeful celebration of the President’s Birthday, an American Dog shitting on a picture of the president?

In an Image of President on building the message showed an image of the president, adorned with a happy birthday hat, eating a banana.

America gets no respect, deserves no respect, and – as predicted in Revelation, if Washington DC is symbolized as “Babylon the great city” which has fallen city, it shall fall in 2015 – because that is what the American People want to have happen.  They disrespect themselves, and thus the world shall disrespect them as well.

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