Tuesday, August 18, 2015

POTUS Genealogy – random reality

Vet the POTUS – why are they cousins?

Random selection decrees they should not be related – but, with one (or possibly two) exceptions, they all are cousins.  Obama is a cousin to George Washington – as an example … but he’s also cousin to the Bush clan. 
Take them from diverse areas of nation ... still cousins?  Why?
Random voice ... pick 45 people and show they are related … have two groups select two people using any criteria apart from kinship, and have third group select between the two – repeat 44 times.  Are they, the ones finally selected, related via a common grandparent?

Based upon the KINSHIP in November 2016:   
Trump out.
Walker out
Sanders out
Clinton in.
Cruz out.
Bush in.

Only Sanders has a chance at being the exception – but that is the subject of my next genealogy book.  Just consider this for Herbert Hoover:


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