Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump attacks Constitution

Donald is out Republicaning the Right-wing with his attack on the Constitution.

Donald Trump Releases Immigration Plan, Including Ending Birthright Citizenship

If we end Birthright Citizenship, it might be possible to disenfranchise the children of immigrants.

Certainly the Constitutional “Natural Born Citizen” clause would be impacted.  If you are NOT a citizen at birth – via a Birthright Citizenship – you are not eligible to be POTUS, nor are you entitled to a range of of things …

That would impact immigration.  Why would someone want to come to the USA, and have children, if their children are not citizens during the immigration and naturalization process.

Ah the delights of destroying America.

There are many ways to undermine it, and true to the Republican agenda – Donald is proposing things that will really mess with the nation’s future. 

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