Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina elected pope, takes name Pope Francis

Well, seems Malachy was thwarted – Pope after benedict XVI is Pope Francis (as in the talking mule).

The new Pope is 76 years old, and the first Jesuit elected to the Papal Throne, … obviously, this should be a fun few years.

One opinion: “It’s a non-Italian, non-European, not a man of the Roman government. It’s an opening to the Third World, a moderate. By taking the name Francis, it means a completely new beginning.”

Watch that “new Beginning” – the prophecy called for an ending… you can’t have a new beginning, unless the old comes to an end.

Of course we cannot force the prophecy, or make the reality fit … but now the bets go down … will this Pope outlive Benedict?  If he fails to, then the prophecy still holds…. the Papal throne only passes – legitimately – if, or when, the previous pope dies.   But, as it now stands, the 115 voting cardinals had elected the 266th pontiff and the 112th in the Papal list attributed to St. Malachy.

Neat move … the Vatican requests several pre-publication copies of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, then the 111th Pope resigns so that there will immediately be a 112th to thwart prophecy … this Pope is as far removed from a “Peter the Roman” as one can imagine … a New World Pope…son of Italian immigrants to Argentina – born in Buenos Aires 17 December 1936 – he holds  a degree in  chemistry, was ordained in 1969 … he is also anti-homosexual and is on record as being opposed to both  same sex-marriage and the right of gays to adopt.

In many ways, he epitomizes the Christian Christ stated would come in his name, but he would not know … he certainly is in violation of the Judgment Day guideline mandates set down by St. Paul, and described in  “Saint Paul’s Joke”.

Now for the obvious connections to Malachy … before anyone else plays this game:  St Francis was the son of Pietro Bernardone – or Peter Bernardone – This new Pope Francis I is the son of Italians… but where were his parents from?  If Rome … the game is afoot LOL.  St. Francis, originally named Giovanni, and that name could also expressed as Jorge.

As a Jesuit, he belongs to a society engaged in evangelization and apostolic ministry in 112 nations on six continents … so the 112th Pope in Malachy’s line belongs to a group that has 112 ministries.


But I guess we might see a lot of that … Real question?  Which shall it be:

1. Will Rome be destroyed by an Earthquake?

2. Will the Vatican be destroyed by Terrorists?

3. Will that cause a destruction of the Vatican and Rome?

4. Will Benedict XVI die, Francis I continue in power for another 12 years … in either event, will the next pope be the Peter that Malachy predicted?

Regardless, we are still working a timetable which marks 2030/34 to 2060/64 as key transitional dates ….  in that time, will Global Warming have an affect on events?




 “Saint Paul’s Joke”


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