Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FORWARD – moving backward in history

A few days ago, I just commented on Real Non-Violence Doesn't Look Like This – Forward Thinking –

The article, March 18, 2013, 8:52am Real Non-Violence Doesn't Look Like This By Jane Eisner

Carpet Bomb the Palestinians who promote throwing rocks & if the Arab OPEC nations complain and when they cease to exist, take over their oil fields -- the Forward editors are so repulsed by the idea that they shut me out.  Reality -- Ain't never going to happen.  But that is what the rock throwers recognize.  If it were accepted as a possibility, they would think twice about picking up even the smallest pebble.  Reality -- toss a rock and any response appears excessive.  So the bad publicity goes against the defender ... the one who wishes not to have their head cracked open.

Another reality:  The rock throwing will continue, as will the suicide bombers.  Why?  Because Israel and the Western Nations are powerless against them – and they know it.

We are powerless because they can spin any response to be an excessive response.

However, I you broadcast that your only planned response is, by definition, excessive, any response that is not the planned one becomes a sign of moderation and is beyond the scope of their media spin-doctors.

If the discussion involves a primary response that focuses on carpet bombing, then rubber bullets, or real bullets are moderate responses.  They can,. of course, be denounced – but the answer remains that they were a sign of restraint applied to those who would exterminate the aggressors … who are the ones with the rocks, and the ones sending in suicide bombers.

As a child I learned when dealing with bullies … smash them squarely in the nose with everything you have … and keep smashing until they bleed.  Funny thing about that, you need only do it once, and they leave you – and your friends – alone.

The key is, a bully cannot escalate things to the point where they do bodily harm for which they will be held accountable – the Palestinians cannot launch a military aggression against Israel … they cannot come off as an army, a recognized and defined aggressive structure, one with governmental backing, against which military defensive force is always justified (and it is justified to attack their allies).

But the FORWARD does not understand that – they want the people of Israel to go quietly into the Gas Chambers.  They want another Shoah … they would be happy with another Holocaust … it would allow them to sing their hands and moan …

Think about IRAN and their Atomic Bomb:  When they have one that works, they could use it as a first strike weapon.  But that would make them the aggressor and the world would turn on them.  But, if Israel were to move against them – as it has once before – they could use it … they would invoke the logic that the United States used to end the war with Japan … detonation of the bomb over a small, but violent, nation would save lives.  The bomb prevents a protracted war in which many innocent people would die…. granted, it would destroy Israel … a mile over Jerusalem, or Tel Aviv, a nuclear blast would be devastating and put an end to the government.

Israel would be destroyed.

But the Arabs know that Israel must make the first violent move – and rock throwing, or terrorist suicide bombers, do not constitute violent actions on the part of a nation.

But, again, THE FORWARSD editors are far to stupid to understand reality … they would rather the nation quietly walk into the “Showers”  …

Give it time, you’ll see I’m right. 

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