Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marriage Morality Concept…

The Washington Post, 15 March 2013: “Study: Delaying marriage hurts middle-class Americans most” … a few findings:

“The study found a large educational and class divide. College-educated women typically have their first child two years after marrying. The high school graduates as a group have their first child two years before they ­marry.“

“The study said 58 percent of first births to women who have graduated only from high school are out of wedlock.”

Here’s a thought: “When they can’t get the white picket fence, and a certain level of stability,” they defer marriage and have higher rates of nonmarital births. That in turn fuels more poverty, and takes them further away from the white picket fence.”

Given that, “The Knot Yet study says economic and cultural forces are responsible for current attitudes toward marriage.”  We can look at the reality associated with the opposition to Same-Sex Marriage … sounds weird, but you were warned (in previous posts) … When you oppose any marriage, you oppose all marriages.  Marriage is the way in which society creates a cohesive unity between diverse family lines … in the past it connected clans and nobility (thus nations) … deny it and you create a group of outsiders, an other, which will attract membership by virtue of retention of the initial status we all have … that of being unwed.

Now, when we add in a marriage penalty, a reduction of goods and services allocated on the basis of single or wed, we make it ridiculous for anyone seeking economic improvement to want to marry.

Consider the effect of server medical illness – in Europe, with its universal health care, anyone who is sick ids treated free; in America, to get government coverage, and reduce the drain on family assets, couples divorce – with the healthy person receiving all the accrued assets.  That is, the lack of universal health care is an attack on marriage.

OK… what does this seem to mean?  We know birth rates are down, and we are headed to zero, or negative, population growth.  It also means that those who are born will continue be to the least educated segment of the population.  It also means that the marriage institution will be weakened further … this will weaken religious institutions. [The marriage sacrament is the only real world service they offer.  The Deity they represent is represented by child molesters, bigots, thieves and liars … individuals who take your money and provide nothing in return.]

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