Friday, August 12, 2016

TRUMP 2017 Violence -- a non-issue

Will the 2nd Amendment supporters take action?
The myth is Trump called for assassination ... in reality, he called for them to get the guys out from under the desks.

Here's the Choice.  Susan Collins stood against Trump -- Maine stands with her.
The clowns under the desk are in Maine and they are going to get the boot.
But nationally -- the 2nd Amendment group has the power to pull the clowns out and get them cheering for TRUMP.
All those idiots in the Senate and House who have been obstructing Obama?  They had better back TRUMP -- or they go out the next time they run ... and many of them are running on the same ticket in November.
That's what TRUMP was actually saying... he wasn't advocating violence ... last time he did he was open about it, and the next time he does he will be open about it.
But advocating violence is a crime.  Especially if the target is a POTUS or sitting Judges.  And TRUMP really does NOT give a figs ass about the state of affairs, or affairs of state, after November.  So he has no reason to advocate violence.

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