Tuesday, August 2, 2016

WOLF BLITZER has no idea when Obama became POTUS or that Capt. Khan died four years before the first election.

There are times when silly gets too silly:  

CNN Lets Trump Spokesperson Falsely Blame Obama For 2004 Death Of Captain Humayun Khan

Barack Obama wasn’t President in 2004 George Bush was.  Actually, since Obama was only sworn in a Senator on 4 January 2005, he wasn't a part of the REPUBLICAN warmongering idiocy which cost Khan his life.

WOLF BLITZER was the host, has he no idea when the presidential elections were -- or how to subtract 8 from 2016 to get 2008 ... 

Oh well ... time to end the American Dream... as predicted in "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"    

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