Thursday, August 18, 2016

TRUMP's Tax Returns are a Terrorist weapon against America...

There is a neat media game -- probably orchestrated by THE DONALD -- asking "Why Trump Must Show His Taxes” (Op-Ed, Aug. 15)
As I pointed out some time ago, and one person pointed out in the comments
There isn't anything in the TAX returns revealed over the past 40-years which provided probative evidence about the Candidate's ability to do the POTUS job.

HOWEVER, in the case of THE DONALD -- the only actual international businessman to run for the office -- the tax returns would reveal his business associates or the firms who pay him a franchise fee.
GEE idiots will yell that is what they want.
But that reality has no relevance -- it's just more distracting nonsense and a variation on Hillary's emails.
What the Returns WILL reveal is the names of business associates and the foreign firms who hold franchise interests.
YIKES! The IDIOTS will scream, he just contradicted himself. But not really --- the first was an irrelevant revelation of no real interest to the honest voter or anyone with a brain who is trying to decide how to vote. BUT THE SECOND ... now that is what the TERRORISTS want to know; they are the ones behind the hoopla over the returns; they need the returns -- just in case THE DONALD accidently won an election he really does not wish to win for the very same reason the terrorists want the returns ... as POTUS, any attack on Donald's holdings becomes a direct attack on American leadership and power ... an attack the USA can NOT respond to...
Using the American Military to defend a President's franchise fees from a Golf Course? REALLY?!?!
Yet the violent attack on the TRUMP name site -- with the death of tens, even hundreds, of rich people -- would be, in propaganda terms, a violent attack on the POTUS office which proved conclusively that America is powerless.
The Tax Returns are a potential Terrorist weapon ...

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