Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Depressing Facts - Is Amageddon the Solution?

Date Line March 13, 2007

The statistics are growing. The doom and gloom are becoming more manifest. Projections, projections, predictions and prophecies – oh how delightful the events.

The year twenty-fifty, the world population has added more people over forty years than existed throughout the world of 1950.

We will have 9.2 BILLION people at a time when liquid fossil fuels are depleted and sea levels have risen a foot or more. Nations will be under water. Shorelines will have changed.

In America, the Great lakes will be connected by a seaway to the Gulf of Mexico. Whole states might well vanish; and Death Valley will be on its way to becoming an inland seaport.

Terrorist activity will be as it is; if different, the difference will be hardly noticeable. America will be as America is – a bankrupt target for any and all who wish to make a political statement.

We will see the Chinese and Japanese foreclose on the debts we have amassed. The baby-boomers will have all but died out, and there will be a stability, or reduction, in the American population.

Spanish, or Hispanic, will be the nature of the nation. Evangelicals will be struggling to find idiots to support their cause; Catholics might be more, most probably less; the Mormons will see their addiction to prescription drugs increase – and families diminish.

New diseases will emerge, and current plagues will run their course. World health – everywhere but in America, where the evangelicals continue to block proper care, will improve. The third world will see improvement as AIDS is overcome; but otherwise will continue their poverty.

Human bondage, slavery, and prostitution will be on the increase – people will sell themselves for an escape from lands being reclaimed by the oceans.

The least developed nations will experience most of the population growth – another 2.5 billion mouths to feed will mean forests cleared for fields, and the lack of trees will expedite the persistence of the greenhouse gas cycle.

Drug usage will spread, as opiates and cocain become more valuable cash crops – need to dull the senses of a population without purpose or opportunity.

Where there is opportunity, the poorest of the poor are bound to want to relocate. Population shifts, slums, street gangs, and crime will be the norm in many nations.

The rich will be found in Latin America and Asia. We will see a major shift in culture and technology. India, China, Venezuela, Brazil and other nations which have struggled will prosper.

Today’s industrialized nations will have populations too old, and far too dependent, to compete with the younger, far more productive, working-age populations.

Armageddon is the answer. It is the solution. It is all today’s rich nations will have, or be able to use, to stabilize their wealth and position.

Curiously, if all predictions of global warming, population growth, and depletion of energy resources, become reality, Armageddon is the salvation of Western Humanity.

With nuclear holocaust comes a sustained nuclear winder to combat and reverse global warming. With Armageddon comes plague and famine – the death of billions, a reversal of population growth, and reduction in the number of senior citizens (and other vulnerable).

The waters will rise, the lands will vanish, but the strain on resources will diminish to the point where technology can serve all who survive – the promise will be fulfilled. But who shall be the beneficiaries?

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