Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Dragon Awakens -- and speaks

Date Line March 7, 2007

Well, China is finally flexing its collective vocal muscle. Washington had best listen up – Beijing might cancel its allowance and poor Bush baby would have to cease playing toy soldier.

Washington opened its Conservative “Holier than thou” hypocritical mouth about human rights violations – and China stuck Georges foot in it.

Via the official Xinhua news agency: “As in previous years, the State Department pointed the finger at human rights conditions in more than 190 countries and regions, including China, but avoided touching on the human rights situation in the United States."

Well DUH! America is the land of bigots – leaches who prey upon the superstitions, ignorance and false piety of lambs seeking to be slaughtered.

China believes America is "relying on its strong military power, the United States has trespassed on the sovereignty of other countries and violated human rights in other countries."

Well Duh! Didn’t we follower a liar into an invasion of a sovereign nation which was, like it or not, our only real ally against Al Qaeda? Didn’t Georgie Boy manage to orchestrate the murder of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, and the destruction of their economy?

Of course he had just cause – it was the only way he could stop their oil from reaching the world markets. He couldn’t allow that. Why Iraq’s evasion of the embargoes was depressing world energy prices and making Georgie’s oil buddies lose all kinds of windfall profits.

Going on, China charged that “the United States has a flagrant record of violating the Geneva Convention in systematically abusing prisoners during the Iraqi war and the war in Afghanistan."

Well gee wiz, isn’t that what Conservative Christianity is all about? Hasn’t China ever heard of the Inquisition? Don’t they know about Witch Hunts? Or the pleasure this nation takes in placing people in jail for petty crimes – while the real criminals get elected to the Whitehouse? Ah gee ... somebody ought to tell Beijing the rules.

Should we even get into China’s views on our treatment of the poor? Or race issues? Or maybe, should we ask their views on American gender issues?

Hey, China burns coal – maybe we should talk Global Warming? Surely America must be on the positive side of that issue – we’re only five percent of the world population, while China is more than a quarter of the population; they must out do us on Green house gases.

OH ... opps ... forgot, America produces nearly a third of greenhouse gases and denies that there is any such thing as global warming – the ice caps melting is a figment of some scientists imagination, or there is a dispute over the science, or ... hum, what is the current presidential line?

Don’t let China’s view of reality disturb you. We’ll get even. We’ll refuse to accept any more loans from them. We’ll refuse to buy any more goods – we’ll let the shelves of Walmart and all the other stores go empty. That will teach China to be honest.

And when we are done with China, we can get into the accusations about the way we treat our wounded soldiers – we’ll show them! We can double – no triple – the cuts to the military medical budget. That will teach the world to criticize Washington and Baby Bush.

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