Friday, March 16, 2007

Why America cannot survive

Date Line March 16, 2007

Time for some serious stuff. In the outing of a CIA agent, the Republican Party, as embodied in the Right-wing Bush administration has proved itself an enemy of the nation.

A solid point was made by the agent in question – if the nation cannot protect the identity of its own agents, how can we expect foreign agents to believe we could protect them?

This nation needs foreign assets – informants and officials – who are willing to assist us in the acquisition of reliable intelligence.

Without such assets, it is impossible for any intelligence agency to perform the most delicate, and important, aspects of its role – the discovery of what is being planned, what is in the heads of those who would do us harm.

How antagonistic are Republicans to our interests? We know, and the Iraqis know.

We were told the Iraqis would welcome our invasion – some did. If you look you will see that we rely upon native Iraqis to translate for us and to act as both our guides, and eyes, on the ground.

How did we treat those who welcomed us? When their families were attacked – suffered retaliation from insurgent forces – America turned its back.

Have we granted blanket sanctuary to these allies? Certainly it is not a factor in the Republican agenda – and the Democrats are woefully silent.

Did the Democrats impeach this president for his lies and dishonesty? Nope! They have played politics – the politics of letting him take the blame for what they approve of.

If they not approve, Bush-Cheney would be gone.

If America did not approve, Bush-Cheney would not be serving their second term.

The world understands – even if our media and citizens refuse to. It is self-evident that America cannot be trusted.

Foreign powers, foreign agents, our own agents, cannot trust in this government. Worse than that, our wounded troops cannot not trust their government to provide for them and their families.

And, of course, the average citizen cannot trust the government to provide for them – to provide basic medical care for their children; or meet the basic educational needs to allow those children, who survive, to become productive economic engines.

This president, this administration, this government, the United States of America, has offered to Latin America more that it is willing to grant its own people. Read Bush’s speeches and learn.

Republicans talk “free markets”, and “free trade”. What are these but the hiring of others to do the work we should be doing, and selling, to them?

We are a nation in trouble. We consume, but do not produce. We attack, but do not talk. We “burn” those who seek to serve our interests – and reward those who would destroy us.

How long do you believe this can continue?

Consider the reality of the past few days. Eight Justice Department attorneys were apparently fired for political reasons – the most egregious of which was their failure, or refusal, to utilize the power of their positions to tamper with Federal election process and election results.

In America, the Republicans have declared an end to democracy, and the beginning of the corruption which marks all dictatorships.

On another front, the spy front mentioned above, CIA operative, Valerie Plame, has stated:
1. “It was a terrible irony that administration officials were the ones who destroyed my cover."
2. "If our government cannot even protect my identity, future foreign agents who might consider working with the Central Intelligence Agency and providing needed intelligence would think twice.”
3. "My name and identity were carelessly and recklessly abused by senior officials in the White House and State Department," Plame testified. "I could no longer perform the work for which I had been highly trained."

Unmentioned – thus far – is the fact she is the wife of a diplomat. We all know that diplomatic cover is normal for espionage operations. But will anyone point out that ALL our legitimate diplomats are, henceforth, classified as spies – or the spouse of spies.

Republicans love war and threats of war. Republicans love to lie, cheat, and defraud – they are especially adapt at doing it to Americans.

Bush has made it clear, the Republican way of doing things does not include talk, discussion, negotiation – or even considerations of reality. Bush burned our agent to give cover to the lies he was using to justify destabilizing Iraq and sending our children to their death.

The body could – the murders attributable to Bush, the Republicans, the Evangelical Christians and all others who backed the invasion of Iraq is fast moving toward levels associated with normal Nazi practices and policies. Rather than kill Jews and Gypsies, Bush et al are killing Islamic peoples.

What is interesting he is doing it with the full aid and assistance of the Sunni – the same sect whose membership attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center, and blew a hole in the Pentagon. Look for matters to get worse – as Hilary takes up the sword as part of her own political agenda.

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