Thursday, March 8, 2007

Magic and Mysticism in missing "In God We Trust"

Date Line March 8, 2007

Seems the US Mint goofed. The new Gold Washington Dollar lacks “In God We Trust,” making it an immediate collectors item – at least in terms of those minted prior to the mistake being spotted.

On the mundane level: It is estimated that as many as 50,000 coins managed to pass through the mind without the national motto. The first one sold went for $600; now that the number of error coins is believed known, the expected price is $50 each.

The excitement is on a more spiritual level. It the realm of those who believe in signs and portends of things to come, things are beginning to get interesting.

Religious fundamentalists, those believing we are approaching the “end-of-days” and incorporate the Mayan 2012 end of the grand cycle into their beliefs – along with other prophetic signs (such as the passage of practitioners of Hopi religious customs which was to precede their rapture) – are beginning to discuss the possibility that the lack of the message is a divine sign.

The current “end-of-days” signs and portends crowd seems to be embracing a belief that this was a reverse message of faith. That Hashem, Allah, or Christ is issuing these coins to the faithful.

The belief seems to be that those who have these coins enter their hands through no effort of their own – beyond the simple asking for the new dollar coins at their local, or nearest, bank – are marked as chosen for salvation.

It is believed that they, those into whose hands the coins come to rest, shall be among the survivors prophesied in the Book of revelation.

While few openly admit to their belief in the magic of these coins, it is clear from conversations within various spiritual groups that there is a strong mysticism developing around the symbolic absence of “In God We Trust” from the first coins depicting the first president, at a time when many seem this nation being dragged toward Armageddon – and the destruction of the Constitutional & Office beliefs espoused by Washington.

Also being mentioned is the symbolic echo of the prophecy which had correctly identified all popes over the past thousand years, and rightly named the current pope, Benedict, the last but one. As with the current Washington Administration, the last Bishop of Rome is to carry the same “given” name as the first.

Of course, for most Americans, the question is: “Who would believe this stuff?” But then, most Americans are beginning to ask how Hilary and others could have believed George’s lies over Iraqis WMD; or how they could have believed that the arch enemy of Al Qaeda was , in fact, working with Bin Laden – when the facts are now pointing to Bush 43 as the Al Qaeda associate.

Bush and his Right-wing conservative hypocritical puppet masters have taken us into debt – they violated what should have been the primary slogan of the United States, “In God We Trust – to all others we pay cash.”

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