Thursday, March 8, 2007

Recurring theme ... Just the facts

Date Line March 8, 2007

Recurring theme: The Right-wing in America is an arm of Satan. Is that hard to grasp? For a quarter of Americans this reality verges on the impossible to understand; but then, they know what they are doing.

These people hate mankind, despise humanity and reject everything associated with being humane. They lie and deceive – just as they tell their gullible followers their master, Satan, will do.

Objective testing. We do not need to accept the mystical or religious concepts of evil and Satan as its embodiment. No that need not be accepted. All we need do is ask if harm can be done to ones neighbor – and if doing “harm” is the right thing to do?

A doctor dedicates themself to making money and doing no harm in the process; they dedicate themself to improving and maintaining the life of their fellow humans. They are dedicated to easing pain, and adding what elements of health they can to improve the quality of life.

The Right-wing, and its legions, is dedicated to bringing harm – and making greater profits in the process. They do this through wanton hypocrisy.

Look at the Bush Administration:
1. Balanced budgets, and budget surpluses, become record budget deficits – all based on lies and enriching the richest.

2. They attack education – by supporting Creationism and denying that there could be a creator who could “get it right” the first time; instead they promote a deity who is racked with errors and the need to make magical changes.

3. They attack education – by introducing No Child left Behind – an underfunded and il-conceived testing program designed to remove funds from education.

The removal is based on evaluations of a pattern of improvement which cannot possibly be attained through implementation of the process utilized – testing successive student populations as they pass through a given grade. These testings do nothing to help the students who fail the tests – those students are passed, without assistance, to the next grade and the next testing level – where they are compared to previous year classes, and not to see if they improved.

4. They argue for murder: One argument is to forbid abortion where the mother’s life is in danger – the argument is to kill the mother with no regard for the survival of the fetus. This is more egregious when it is known that the fetus cannot survive. It is still more egregious when the fetus survives and is condemned to a life of poverty or dependence upon continued medical treatment – which the parents cannot afford, and which the Right-wing denies is a basic humanitarian right.

5. They argue for murder: they lie to justify wars of choice and the killing of tens of thousands of innocents – as they did in Iraq; and they follow courses of actions which strengthen their corresponding evil in its efforts to disrupt and kill – their actions support Bin Laden’s ilk.

6. They argue for murder: They wave flags and yell support the troops – those they send, conscripted, diverted from their duty in breach of National Guard service contract – but when those troops are injured, they vote to reduce funding for military medical care. They impose a mountain of paperwork and complicated bureaucracy to prevent those who served from receiving necessary treatment. They block assistance to the families of those who served. Support? Spit on is their support.

7. Medical care? They deny it universally. They tell employers to provide it – while diligently working to ensure their NAFTA and other outsourcing policies are implemented to the fullest. Let employers provide medical insurance; but make sure that there are no employers who can provide it – because the employees are all in other nations.

8. Medical care? Give tax breaks for obtaining medical insurance, but make sure that there is little, if any taxable income – or any income sufficient to pay for that insurance. Look like you are being “good” while invoking and implementing your evil. Don’t worry, a quarter of the people are too stupid to notice – which is why they follow and support, and even promote, the Right-wing edicts of evil.

Yep, there is a continuing theme – falling on deaf ears and shining before the blind. Welcome an End-of -Days. Welcome Armageddon.


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