Thursday, January 17, 2013

booby-trapped toys

It seems the Palestinian Authority is planting booby-trapped toys to kill Palestinian – so they can blame it on Israel.  Over the past few days, PA television has presented PA government officials who claim IDF soldiers have spread the toys in areas where they conducted patrols or exercises.

Clearly, the next phase will be the murder of children, followed by the claim they  picked up the toy s and were then blown up.  Of course, the reality is, they are paying families – just as they pay the families of terrorists – thus generating a two fold benefit for those families: they get rid of sickly, and deformed children, who are expensive to maintain, and gain a bulk payment.

Just another instance of Arab disregard for the lives of their own … one which we have seen for decades in the treatment of Palestinians in Syria … which, you might have learned in Roman history, was the territory originally known as Palestinian … a neighbor to Israel … which Rome eventually occupied.

The Most Harm to the Most People … it is the Al-Qaeda way of doing things ... and required, if they are to build an army that will attack Rome. 

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