Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pelosi defends altered photo

One needs to wonder what information Pelosi was working from when she defended the photo.  Her are the two versions… the one with the additional four women being the one supposedly altered digitally to add them … hence the one being defended.

BLOG_1_Pelosi defends_n

NOW, Why is there an issue?  Is it a petty partisan attack on Pelosi – and one she lacked the information to respond to appropriately?

Or is it really a digitally altered photo?  Let’s look.

BLOG_2_Pelosi defends_1592125808_n

BLOG_3_Pelosi defends_1592125808_n

BLOG_4_Pelosi defends_1592125808_n

BLOG_5_Pelosi defends_n

QUESTION – just to add four women, did the digital artist really build a new composite photograph of all those other women present – finding images that were roughly the same pose and inserting them?

Or were there two pictures taken?  And nobody on her staff bothered to tell Pelosi … or maybe the reporter blindsided her … intentionally seeking to embarrass her by indicating there was a fraudulent intent?

I certainly would like an explanation.  Not an explanation of the addition of four respected women into a group photo of their colleagues. 

NO!  I want an explanation of why a digital artist would make so many clear alterations … and let’s start with the idiot reporter, and the incompetent media that ran his story.

IF (s)HE CANNOT EXPLAIN ALL THESE DIFFERENCES – and more that exist between the images -- FIRE THE IDIOT REPORTER and bar them from any job in the media.  We do not need deceitful and dishonest reporters overseeing Politicians…. makes for bad watchdogs.

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