Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is This How It Starts?

News from Arutz Sheva, Wednesday, Jan 2 '13, Tevet 20, 5773

8. Arabs Brutally Attack US Yeshiva Student in Italy
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Arabs Brutally Attack US Yeshiva Student in Italy
A gang of Arabs brutally attacked an American yeshiva student visiting with his family in Venice, Italy, in what local community leaders said was a rare instance of anti-Semitism.

The student was knocked unconscious on Tuesday when he strolled late at night in the center of the city. A band of 15 Arab youth pounced on him, dragged him into a dark corner and pummeled him, using sharp weapons.

The Milan-based Center for Jewish Documentation's Observatory on Anti-Jewish Prejudice reported last month that the number of anti-Semitic episodes in the country soared last year.

The incidents ranged from street insults and swastika graffiti to physical aggression.

Gatti also pointed out that Italian pundits and politicians ''such as Silvio Berlusconi, Beppe Grillo or Piergiorgio Odifreddi'' are now writing discriminatory posts and telling racist jokes. ''Making certain issues seem normal, even funny, is one of the root causes of the rise in anti-Semitic episodes in Italy,'' Gatti said.


In 2012, “Saint Paul’s Joke” included the prophecy of St Malachy, which states that, after the current Pope Benedict, the next Pope will reign in a time of turbulence which will culminate with the destruction of Rome and end of what the 10th century defined as all of Christianity.

Earthquake could do the destruction, but the turbulence could well be Arab, Islamic, anti-Semitism (which, in their case, is also self-hatred) of the type displayed in Venice.

The 2011 book, Grandpa Was A Deity” it is pointed out that anti-Semitism began in Venice, then spread across Europe.  We can expect that historic pattern to persist over the next few decades.  In the end, we might see an end to both Christianity and Islam.

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