Friday, January 11, 2013

Target 2064– The Revelation & Judgement

OK, now that “Saint Paul’s Joke” is out, and in the Vatican Archives, we can look at the dates – we’ll wait for the apocalyptic types to start their new End-Of-Days rants.

That said, let’s play with the 2064, return of King David, prediction.

First, King David does NOT mean a King -- It can mean any unifying world leader.  For the prophecy to be true, we might suspect he, or she, will be Jewish… at least they will understand and follow the “letter” of Biblical Jewish Law.  That means they will NOT hold that you cannot drink milk with meat --NOT when the actual Law says that you will not boil a calf in its mother’s milk.  At least, those who understand the concept of boil, calf, and mother will survive … the others will have proved their ignorance and be gone.

But that’s the whole point: THE IGNORANT will be judged unfit.  Consider those who refuse to grasp the astronomy connection to the patriarchs – as described in “Genesis of Genesis”.

Of course, the truly ignorant will be the criminals and those who avoid serious thinking, or work, because they are too bloody lazy to do more that live off society … a reality which will see many politicians, former businessmen, and legal manipulators, cast into the Christian depths of Hell.  Those they repeatedly con, will enjoy traveling with them.

The world population will top out at about TEN BILLION – after that it will be decimated… with possibly one billion people surviving beyond 2064.  It will stabilize at a level equivalent to the World Population of 2100 BCE.  Of course, they will have all our technology, knowledge, and communication abilities – at a much higher level than we enjoy today.  What they will not have is the idiots.

Of course, that assumes that there is validity in prophecy, tradition, and demographic studies of the type presented in the above chart.

… look at that chart… 51 years from now … the group with the lowest life expectancy will die within that period.  Those with the highest life expectancy will also die within that time.

“Saint Paul’s Joke”


The Book of Revelation

Does it pay to believe?  Will belief change actions?

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