Saturday, January 5, 2013

Washington Post incompetence

An article posted to the Washington Post by Sean Sullivan demonstrates not only his incompetence by the incompetence of his editor.  The article in question is “Pelosi defends altered photo of Democratic women”, and, supposedly, relates to a digitized alteration of a group photograph – rather than the apparent fact that it was a probably hasty reshoot  when the four women arrived late.

Why a reshoot and not digitally altered?

As shown in earlier Mystic Voice posting of a comparison between the images, there are too many differences in the allegedly unaltered segments of the picture – including an obvious relocation of the camera relative to the Capitol Building in the background.

Clearly the Washington Post staff are either willfully dishonest – seeking to blindside Pelosi – or simply too incompetent to look at the pictures they are reporting on … the differences are, in fact, rather glaring … and there are far too many for it to be digitized …

My favorite being the insertion of a coat, on the steps, in the second picture.  In reality, the alignment of architectural features make it clear the camera angle changed … as confirmed by the changes in the people in the main group … at least one woman turned her head 60 degrees to her left, and another raised her hands to her collar.

Anyone looking at the two pictures – rather than just the circled women – would have seen that … unless they are republicans and unable to see their own hands in front of their own eyes.

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