Monday, January 28, 2013

'Academic Freedom' bills allow schools to teach anti-God stupidity… as Religion.

A package of bills, being proposed in four states, reflect creationist sponsored 'Academic Freedom' bill launched in 2004 … and while it can be argued that an academic freedom approach sounds good, and will protect both students and teachers from being expelled if they want to argue for, or against, creationism, the denial climate science, or validity of stem cell research in the classroom, the real objective is to promote ignorance.  Let’s consider:

Now, does "biblical creationism and pseudo-scientific 'intelligent design'" make sufficient logical sense to rate having them included " into science classes in public schools"?
Consider it from a Biblical side -- in the book, “Genesis of Genesis”  (2012) I show that the dating within the Bible are related to the astrological calendar cycles. They involve the use of mythology that was popular at the time of Solomon; they also involve a history of a tribe which is responsible for astrological megalithic circles -- including Stonehenge. So, will that be taught in the schools? Would they actually teach the math of the Bible, and the fact that it encased in mythology?
From a creations side -- if we assume a "PERFECT DEITY", then you have a deity that can put a process into motion and ignore it. There is no reason for the deity to intervene in the process -- will they teach that in the schools? The ongoing aspect of creationism, the need to make everything 'perfect' 10,000 years ago -- and screw it up so there is evil -- argues an imperfect deity... one lacking the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, to create a self evolving universe. Do the sponsors of these bills really want that taught in their schools? Do they want it taught that 'their deity' is s deceptive, incompetent, idiot? Or is it simply a matter of them seeing their deity in their own image, and wanting that taught in the schools?

If we deny a perfect, all knowing, deity – therefore a deity who can create a perfect evolutionary process – are we not denying the basis of religion?  Isn’t the idea of a idiot deity, one who cannot get it right the first time, and lies about the timelines in all the evidence, the basis for the character known as Satan?  SO!  Aren’t the Creationists really Satanists?  Aren’t they promoters of ignorance?  Deniers of the perfection of the creator?


If we accept the idea of a deity, and a Judgment Day, is not the belief in an ignorant and incompetent deity the basis for rejection?  Is it not the basis for the denial of salvation?  Is it not what the Creationists and those promoting bills, like the so-called 'Academic Freedom' bill, really trying to achieve? 

Those who support “THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE”, will, of course, work diligently to make the average American students dumber than their foreign counterparts.  The promotion of ignorance is an ideal way to ensure …


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